@sciencemag 02018/06/01 highlights

Lots of good stuff in this issue:

Katharine Hayhoe’s (@KHayhoe) has the lead off editorial that “Facts are not enough” – science is necessary, but not sufficient.  Engaging with people and coming together rather than being divisive is needed.

In the news – great news about Mars rover’s drill reviewed.  Bad news about the ABI instrument on GOES-17 having problems with the cooling system and making the daytime IR observations fail.

The Galaxy Builders talks about major improvements in galaxy simulations – cool!  And then at a smaller scale, the update on planetary science about “Dunes across the Solar System” describes the New Horizon observations that “Pluto joins Earth, Mars, Venus, Titan, and perhaps even the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerismenko demonstrating that the mobilization and self-organization of granular material into dunes occur throughout the Solar System.”

From the academic world, policy forum looks at graduate education with “Student-centered, modernized graduate STEM education” describing “central to the success of this plan will be a readjustment of the incentives that drive so many attitudes and behaviors throughout the graduate education system.”  Lots of work remains!

A very sad update on “U.S. budget targets fish and wildlife work” that the cooperative research units (CRUs) are getting removed from the President’s budget request.

The effect of partisanship and political advertising on close family ties” is an interesting look at “politically divided families” and the impact on the length of thanksgiving dinner!

Finally, “Ancient genomes from Iceland reveal the making of a human population” confirms what we heard on our recent visit to Iceland – about 1100 years ago, many Scandinavian men went to Ireland and “found” (“borrowed”?) Irish women (princesses?) for their wives and then went to Iceland.  Interesting genomic study!

Good stuff!!

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