@sciencemag 02018/06/22 highlights

The report on “Rising bedrock may delay ice sheet collapse” summarizing the research “Observed rapid bedrock uplift in Amundsen Sea Embayment promotes ice-sheet stability” was really interesting – the role of isostatic rebound of the Earth’s crust is pretty amazing!  I learned all about it from Southeast Alaska but it makes sense as an issue in Antarctica.

The progress of the MeerKAT radio array and the implications for progress to the Square Kilmeter Array (SKA) is good to read about in “Observed rapid bedrock uplift in Amundsen Sea Embayment promotes ice-sheet stability“.  The SKA is an amazing effort by society for science (radio astronomy in this case).

The cover article on Aztec human sacrifices “Feeding the Gods” was interesting and morbid.  It reminded me of our visit to the catacombs in Paris.

The policy forum on “Combating deforestation: From satellite to intervention” was great but struck me as optimistic in this current time of the decline of U.S. scientific input to national policy and international engagement.  The piece calls for “on the policy side, institution building, along with related civil-society engagement … to facilitate effective action within complex government frameworks.”  I’m afraid we aren’t in a period of “institution building” – but hopefully we’ll survive this “creative destruction” (I’m not sure how creative it is…)

And finally, for some good, hardcore, physics nerding – “A precise extragalactic test of General Relativity.”  Always good to confirm GR outside our galaxy on the kiloparsec scale!

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