@sciencemag 02018/08/31 highlights

August 31, 2018 was a good issue of Science.  Starting with the in brief news updates – Sacha Baron Cohen tried to prank Francis Collins (NIH) – Collins realized pretty quickly but continued to engage: “‘I was pretty irritated from having been misled.’  But ever the dutiful public servant, he decided to keep going — and get across whatever public health messages would stick.”  – if you are on your game and an expert, this is how you you engage..  The piece of “Can a transgenic chestnut restore a forest icon?” is a good look at work on an engineered American chestnut.  Lots of biotech – an interesting piece on using CRISPR to fix a muscular dystrophy in dogs – wow!  A really good analytic piece with big energy, climate, and policy implications: Global carbon intensity of crude oil production.  Really good work to quantify a critical aspect of energy production.  A great piece on a critical issue of geographic (lack of) diversity in S&T investment in the U.S. – Federal research funding aims to ease societal challenges (and fantastic work Kei Koizumi!!!).  The review on Emerging applications for DNA writers and molecular recorders was a good overview on key emerging tech in this area.  Finally, the comprehensive review of a large number of datasets for the spatial footprint of injections wells in a global compilation of induced earthquake sequences is impressive and good work.

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