Science 02018/04/27 highlights

Gaia ESA data trove released – 1.3 billion stars!  I’m really intrigued by this data release.  I’d love to carve a little time to see about digging into it.

Robotic weather balloon launchers in AK – Some tensions related to automated atmospheric profiling by robotic weather balloon launchers.  Cool technology, but workforce and expertise impacts.

A few interesting quantum entanglement articles.

(Note: I decided to start my personal weekly highlights from Science Magazine – simply to add a bit of discipline on trying to keep up with the important news vs the political noise (see the Long Now’s Pace Layer thinking blog).  I also am partly experimenting with evolving my relationship with social media – so this feeds to twitter automatically.  I value the networking aspect of social media, but not the noise and intrusiveness – in part this is an experiment in trying to find the balance for myself.  Feel free to play along!)

(p.s. This is the time for biology, and while I love all the beautiful molecular diagrams – definitely art! – I’m a physicist, so almost every week there is a bit too much bio for my tastes – my bias will show, I’m sure, so I might as well acknowledge it!  And then, if I highlight a bio item, it must really be broadly interesting.. 😉

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