dll hell will never go away

despite the best intentions, dll hell sticks with us all. I’m working on the python discord module on a fresh raspberry pi install. I’ve got python 3.4 goodness going. discord.py really wants 3.5. Of course, I make the modifications at the FAQ and… it doesn’t work. apt-get doesn’t want to offer me a python-3.5 install.  The more things change (raspberry pi, discord, python), the more they stay the same..

Raspberry Pi

I’m afraid I’m almost becoming addicted! I have three so far, but need more raspberry pi. I have one catching and pushing the glacier photos at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center (both at an alaska.edu site and Weather Underground). I have a second pi for the UAS weather station (waiting for a roof to be done so the weather station can be re-deployed). A third one is at home — for fun and currently over-tasked. I have an alamode (extra sweet!) and have the integrated arduino doing blink and other various things. It is also running mpd and icecast to stream media through the house. And running munin. And I need to setup a second openvpn network for all the pi’s! It isn’t even running apache yet, but I did get emacs and python pretty well souped up. I think I need one just for media server, another for met station and web server.