Bear Visits New House

There is definitely more bear traffic here at the new house. We had one come and check out our trash habits–so until we build a better “trash can hut,” the trash cans are now in the garage. Beautiful bear, bad habits. These pictures made us cringe (as far as us fostering bad bear-human interactions), but they are a beautiful part of living in our new house. Bats do regular night flights, and the eagles are constant visitors and part of the sound-scape. I was grilling salmon and an eagle was behaving more like a vulture–up in the tree just waiting for me to turn my back!

Coming to visit:

Looking for the trash:

Score! (ug…)

The whole gallery

Talus Tiles Update

Carrie has been keeping up with the tile production and expanding her repertoire amidst all the house moving/selling/buying craziness. Matt has to get the correct pigtail for the kiln at the new house, but Carrie will be ready to fire up the kiln again soon! Fall market is already in her sights. Here’s a little preview of some of the new tiles. (Usually we scan her tiles to get better images, but the scanner is still packed up–so a photo with a little bit of the flash is what we’ve got for you today.)

Birthday Kayaking

Carrie and Matt got birthday kayaks (and Christmas, etc–thanks to all who contributed to the kayak fund!). In the midst of all the house buying and selling craziness, we haven’t gotten to enjoy them as much as we’d like. But we made the effort to get out today and enjoyed tooling around Mendenhall Lake. We saw a few bears after loading the kayaks back up on the car. (And Thanks Chip, Missy, and Adelie for hanging out with Torsten while we went kayaking!)

As usual, a whole (small) gallery is available (with bear pictures).

Moving In/New Address

We are sleeping at the new house, we’ve all had good soaks in the new hot tub, and the mail is getting forwarded.  The new address is 998 Mendenhall Peninsula Dr, Juneau AK 99801.  Here are a few pictures.  First outside:


Here’s inside:


And here’s Torsten and Suka enjoying the front yard/sand pile:


 There’s a few more shots in the gallery.

House news!

What a busy summer for us and real estate in Juneau.  We bought a new place out on Mendenhall Peninsula–we’re very psyched and we started moving boxes over there today.  About 15 minutes after we walked out of closing on that place, we got a phone call that we had an offer on our current (Glacierwood Dr) house.  We got the counter accepted, and now are trying our best to expedite the closing (on all sides)–hopefully by Aug 30, we will only own a single house in Juneau again!  We’ll get pictures of the new place as we settle in, and we hope all of you will have a chance to come visit the new place soon!!!

Stop and smell the roses

Or blow the dandelions! Carrie and Torsten met up with Joan and Eva down at the duck pond (Rotary Park) and Carrie got some great photos. Check the gallery.

We are having a fun and busy summer–and a hard time keeping up with blogging and e-documenting it all! Torsten is biking, enjoying swimming lessons (movie) (and swim pictures), and plenty more. We have a slew (or a few, depending on if you are T’s grandma or not!) of movies are posted at

We’ll sort and blog those movies sometime… So the sentiment of stopping and smelling the roses is a perfect mantra (as we pack to hop on the ferry up to Haines this weekend).

Teaching on the EDGE

Matt went up with the group of EDGE K-12 teachers that Cathy Connor brings to Juneau/UAS for two weeks.  The program is intended to connect and inspire K-life teaching and learning by connecting K-12 teachers in June, and then a cohort of Jr and High School students in August with Alaska experiential learning opportunities.  We are working to combine EDGE and SEAMONSTER, so I (Matt) gave an EDGE lecture on Monday, then went up for a half day with the teachers to Mendenhall Glacier to describe our mass balance measurements and SEAMONSTER efforts.  We measured a (rough estimate!) melt rate of 20 cm per week at the North Star camp.  Anyway, check the story (and you can use a login of public with password public if you need).

blog, gallery, and comments

Matt here.  I broke the photo gallery.  I did an upgrade to version 2.2.something, so that I could add videos directly to the gallery, now it doesn’t work.  I hope to get it fixed tonight!  I’ve also heard from a few people that I should fix comments–I was getting approximately 10 “Spam” comments per day and got sick of it, so I added the “spam filter” (do an easy math problem) and that wasn’t quite working right.  So I’ll put getting comments working correctly up on the list of things to do.  While I’m hacking away on these things, I’ll let you enjoy at least one new picture of the family.. We went up the tram with Chip, Missy, and Adelie last Sat–lots of snow still up there!  Hopefully the gallery will be fixed and more pictures will follow!

Last Kindermusick of Spring 2007

Torsten and Matt generally went to Kindermusick on Wed evenings the Fall and Spring 2007.  Torsten sometimes didn’t want to leave mom behind, but he generally had a blast with Miss Bernie and music.  Carrie took Torsten to the last class of the spring (Matt was in Fairbanks), and she remembered to take the camera.  If you want, check the whole gallery.  Carter and Torsten knew that stripes were in, I guess.  I’ll add the movies soon!


Talus Tiles!

Carrie now has space for Talus Tiles at the Juneau Artists Gallery! WAHOO! She’s got the kiln cranking almost continuously (ok, slight exaggeration) to prepare for the installation into her space, and she’ll be the “Featured Artist” in June (for the first Friday gallery walk).