Wahoo Waylon!

I was down in the Bay Area a few weeks back, to attend the International Symposium on Digital Earth (and present Sensor Webs in IPY, here’s the power point, if you are interested). The conference was really great, and afterwards I got to catch up with Tom, Laura, and Waylon! Waylon and I made funny faces at each other in a yummy restaurant. We mostly tried to make sure we weren’t looking at the camera at the same time–but we missed it once…

At the ISDE (conference), I got to play with the “One Laptop Per Child” prototype–pretty cool:

Kluane Bike Race

We had an awesome adventure last weekend centered around the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Race. It started out with a beautiful blue sky, flat water, fast ferry ride from Juneau to Haines. Carrie, Torsten, and Matt were on the ferry with Adelie, Chip, Missy, Mark, and Julie. Chip “Dr. Blokus” brought along his favorite game..

Blokus on the Ferry (Adelie and Torsten)

After grabbing dinner and some new fishing gear for Torsten, we went on up to Haines Junction (Canada) and camped with a lot of bikers. Here’s the start of the race on Satuday.

Carrie, Chip, and Matt rode as Team US Postal Service, with Missy acting as our team captain. Julie and Mark rode the whole race (150 miles–the race was 148.1, but they rode bikes from the campground to the start of the race). Chip rode legs 1-4 (69.4 miles) of the race, and was a bit wet and cold. Once he got up into the mountains, the skies cleared up and things warmed up, just in time for Matt to hop on to ride legs 5 and 6 (36.3 miles). Carrie got this great shot of Matt heading down the road after the station between legs 5 and 6.

Here’s Chip after Leg 4, escorted by Missy, Adelie, and Torsten:

After thoroughly enjoying Leg 6 (check out the altitude profile of Leg 6!), Matt handed off to Carrie (here she is riding off down the scenic road), who did Leg 7 and went on to do about a third of Leg 8 (the line at Customs to get back into the U.S. was a killer!!). Carrie rode a little over 30 miles.

Chip cleared customs and jumped right back in to join Mark and Julie at about midway through leg 7. So the US Postal Service team “cheated” (by covering parts of legs 7 and 8 twice) to get the red lantern (last to finish). But we had a blast and that was our only goal. Here’s the whole team (along with the “finishers”–Adelie and Torsten).

As usual, the whole gallery is available.

Last Kindermusick of Spring 2007

Torsten and Matt generally went to Kindermusick on Wed evenings the Fall and Spring 2007.  Torsten sometimes didn’t want to leave mom behind, but he generally had a blast with Miss Bernie and music.  Carrie took Torsten to the last class of the spring (Matt was in Fairbanks), and she remembered to take the camera.  If you want, check the whole gallery.  Carter and Torsten knew that stripes were in, I guess.  I’ll add the movies soon!


Beach Hike

We went out to Boy Scout Beach with Chip, Missy, and Adelie two weeks ago.  It was a great day–parts of the trail still had really deep snow, while other parts were melted off completely.  The wind off the ocean was a bit chilly, so we found a tree sheltered area for our picnic.  If the pictures below aren’t more than enough, there’s the gallery, as usual.

Auke Lake Ski

On a sunny day of yore (back on Feb 23.. we’re trying to catch up here at t-h blog), we went out skiing across Auke Lake with Abbey. David, Dylan, and Jill joined us. It was a glorious day of skiing, and several more pictures are at the gallery from that day.

San Fran: Fall AGU

We are all down in San Francisco for Fall AGU. What a great week of science and catching up with friends. We were very bad at both keeping up with photos and with blogging. So very quickly, here are our two good photos, and we are waiting to get friends photos (send ’em, or even put your favorite on as a comment here!). Also, I’d love to get my notes from the meeting online, but so far I’ve only managed to bookmark a few other folks blogs. Check out the day one of Fall AGU Virtual Globe blog over at the Google Earth Blog.

Carrie and Torsten on the Carosel

Torsten in Heaven (street musicians)

Hawaii Photos

Hawaii Family Photo

I finally got a chance to put together a photo gallery from Hawaii. (If you’d like to check out all the photos, they are in this gallery.) It was a great trip, enhanced by reading about all the snow that was dumping on Juneau. Kristen, Jarrod, Ava, and Willa thought the idea of a break from the Alaska winter was a good idea, and joined us on the Hawaiian visit. We enjoyed staying at the Sheraton Waikiki right on the beach and exploring Oahu. We wish we had more time to explore other islands–we’ll just have to go back soon!
The trip itself was initiated by Matt’s presentation at the Acoustics Society of America on the bat detector–the poster was Matt, Carrie, and Allan Hall (a 2006 NSF REU summer student). It was well received and we made several good contacts. Allan was able to come to Oahu to join us (since he goes to school at Univ. Hawaii in Hilo, hopping over for a quick conference during finals week was actually possible!).

Don’t miss the “you were there” video as well!

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving is a serious tradition at the Talus-Heavner household. It is a time for friends to gather together either physically or in kindred spirit, celebrate life, eat good food, and reflect on the life we enjoy together. And then we get three days to recover! And it is Carrie and Matt’s anniversary (number seven in 2006). Wahoo! And if you have participated in the feast in person, you know about the weigh-in/weigh-out tradition. Our winner this year went out with a net weight gain of eight pounds. In Juneau, Carrie sells artwork at the Fall Market, and Torsten and Matt enjoy a weekend of hanging out (getting Christmas decorations ready).

We’ve got a slide show of the feast and the weekend available.

Tracy Arm Tour

Torsten and Carrie went on down to Tracy Arm with Rob, Erica, Sammy, and Izzy. Whales are big, ice is cold, glaciers are cool (especially calving sea water glaciers). Matt was doing his civic duty (jury duty). Check out the photo highlights.

Glacier Bay Flightseeing

Dave, Carrie, Torsten, and Matt went for a flight seeing trip to check out Glacier Bay National Park.  As usual, Dave’s excellent piloting was a great way to see Southeast Alaska from above.  The park overflight was amazing–to see Muir Glacier, both arms of the Park, and the icefields and mountains leading up to Mt. Fairweather.  Check out the photo highlights–or if you really want to see all the photos, they are available as well.