Raspberry Shake

Happy times in pi land.

I helped fund the Raspberry Shake personal seismograph kickstarter and we received ours last night.  The setup was no problem and we are streaming the data out for integration into a global seismic monitoring network.  There is a known issues with the wifi on the pi in this first distribution of the software.  I imagine it is high priority and I don’t want to break ours, so I’m not going to fight it on my own.  I’ve got an ethernet cable to the pi sitting on the brick fireplace for now.  Once wifi works, the seismometer will go down in the cellar on the concrete pad.  For now, check us out!

I opted for the custom 3-d printed case for the shake:

dll hell will never go away

despite the best intentions, dll hell sticks with us all. I’m working on the python discord module on a fresh raspberry pi install. I’ve got python 3.4 goodness going. discord.py really wants 3.5. Of course, I make the modifications at the FAQ and… it doesn’t work. apt-get doesn’t want to offer me a python-3.5 install.  The more things change (raspberry pi, discord, python), the more they stay the same..