Outerbike Day 3

Saved just enough to push through day 3. What a great weekend! Started out with more Camp 4 Coffee. Then pack up as much as possible, ride the road bike up to the ski hill, get a new day lift pass, and get in line. Made it to the Revel tent and got a Rascal to demo. I’d been trying all day yesterday to get one, so ready to ride:

Fun ride, really an agile, fun ride. Great demo! That was bike #8.. So on to bike #9 – it is the YT Jeffsy Core 3. This was another fun ride! Wahoo!

And got back, met Carrie, grabbed lunch, then time to head home. We drove to Alamos, charged up, rode out bikes along the Rio Grande, and then on towards NM.

Outerbike recap – 9 great bikes, over ~$50k worth of bikes ridden. Most interesting – the belt drive. Did over 135 km / ~85 miles, 17 laps on the Mountain. Best result – none of the bikes blew me away – that is, my current Pivot 6 is pretty sweet and just as good as any of these bikes. Next bike I look at will hopefully have a belt drive, but I don’t need a new bike soon. Lots of fun, happy with my current bike, good food and time in Crested Butte with Carrie – perfect birthday!!

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  1. Learning that you’re happy with your current bike is priceless! (I always thought it was N+1 for bikes) Sounds like a great time, getting to ride so many different bikes! 👍

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