piaware, testing..

I have a piaware (raspberry pi based, ADS-B receiver, for tracking aircraft). I’ve had to swap out the SD card three times (it appears to be fried/corrupt – I tried to repair the first one, but have found that just a fresh one does the trick). I was trying to get lower power raspberry pi, so I swapped the original PI 3B for a PI 3A+. The 3A+ is a smaller footprint, single USB (that’s all I need). Same power supply to both the 3A+ and the 3B and I found the 3A+ would fail sometimes. I had to let it boot then plug in the USB/receiver (too much current draw on boot?). The 3A+ worked mostly, but sometimes it would fail-over. After the third SD failure, I just replaced it with a new one. I hit the raspberry web front end after a day, and the ADS-B failed/died. So I just swapped out the pi back to a 3B.