After the first week of COVID-19 homestay/isolation/maximum telework, I’m taking advantage of all the time to do some deferred maintenance. There were some annoying aspects of the home network that I’m working out – I still have a few unresolved issues with avahi and the mDNS/*.local resolution, but it is already getting much better home-network-wise. It is also a great opportunity to finish up many of the raspberry pi projects we have – first up is the cat toy pi. I’ll catalog several of the oustanding challenges here, and slowly address them.

First up, avahi – why are not all of our computers resolving each other in the .local name sapce?

Second, how can I check the power supplied to a raspberry pi? The firmware provides the “lightning bolt” for low power, but I’d like to be able to monitor it from the command line / ssh.

Third, after some network re-plumbing, not everything is totally happy. The ambient weather station doesn’t seem to be getting a new IP correctly. The raspberry shake doesn’t seem to be up.

Also, of related, Stewart Brand said he is now focused on studying maintenance. This will be really interesting to follow – I can’t wait.