@NYTimes obits: 248 males, 121 females

Today, September 25, there were 3 male and 2 female featured obituaries in the New York Times. Since I started tracking it here, that is 248 males featured and 121 females featured. #IfYouSeeSomethingSaySomething

One of the female obituaries was for Freddie Oversteegen, Gritty Dutch Resistance Fighter, who died Sept 5, the day before her 93rd birthday.  What an amazing badass!  From her obit, she was one of a trio who “staged drive-by shootings from their bicycles; seductively lured German soldiers from bars to nearby woods, where they would execute them; and sheltered fleeing Jews, political dissidents, gay people and others who were being hunted by the invaders.”

(I started tracking the obits here on May 14 02017, but I’ve missed days when on travel. On travel, some of my stats are from the DC and Seattle versions of the NYT – I don’t know if the obits published vary by region.)

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