The quantified self

More the quantified environment. I’ve continued on the SEAMONSTER theme and added lots of instrumentation. Some of that includes a weather station (Ambient, been good), an aircraft tracker (ADS-B), an all-sky meteor camera, a seismometer (or two), an infrasound sensor, and more. I’m currently working on adding a raspberry pi zero-W based webcam and will put some thoughts here.

A quick search shows that motion is still a maintained piece of code and can do what I want (I haven’t used that in about a decade – I was pleased to find it!). With all these sensors (and Torsten’s complaints about network ping times, as well as occasional network flakiness), it is time to get back some SOH (state of health) monitoring tools. rrdtool is what I used back in the day – I found it at the top of my search so it appears to still be alive. (pet peeve – the web pages I first found didn’t have date/time stamp, so who really knows..) Plenty of tools have been built on top of rrdtool, but it looks like rrdtool is still a good foundation (in my searching, I did see reference to YARW (yet another religious war) about different versions of rrdtool).

motion on the raspberry pi seems the thing for the webcam. I’m taking a stab at rrdtool. Perhaps moving to python/rrdtool? I’ll take a look at that – back a decade ago, we used perl to run the rrdtool infrastructure. Maybe I’ll track the progress here – and perhaps get a fancy modern dashboard going as part of this quantified environment..

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