Album 4: Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back

Don’t Worry, Flavor-Vision Ain’t Blurry!

You should go listen to the whole thing, but here’s one song I recommend to get you started (and I get to sneak in another influential band in this way) – Anthrax and Public Enemy: Bring the Noise

Ben challenged me to post 10 albums that have influenced my musical taste – one a day for 10 days. No explanation required (but you can if you want), no review (but you can if you want, I’m not your boss), just the cover. And each day I am to nominate someone to do the same. This is a thing of facebook at the moment, and I’m enjoying watching friends pick their albums.

I’m going to do this here on the blog, but will post a link to the FB. I’m not going to nominate anyone, but if you want to play along, you should – and consider yourself nominated.

I’m probably taking this way to seriously, but I’m enjoying it. I made a quick list and already have 25 albums. Typically I think of the artist and go back and try to pick one album. Back in the day, the album used to be the unit of importance, now I find it is the artist’s catalog (and collaborations!). So, today I’d put together my own playlist of tracks from several albums. I found it hard to choose among the first three PE Albums – Yo! Bum Rush the Show, Nation of Millions, and Fear of a Black Planet. In the end, I had to pick the one with Bring the Noise so I could the track with Anthrax. These albums meant (and still mean) a lot to my musical taste. I’ve caught PE live a few times – one in Austin in the early 90s, and most recently in Washington DC at the opening of the Smithsonian African American History Museum. Anyway, here’s album 4 of 10 of 25 (so far), just for you.

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