EV Adventure: Los Alamos <> Lubbock

Charging at Santa Rosa

For a few reasons (testing out EV driving for one!) I drove from Los Alamos, NM to Lubbock TX Saturday March 11, 2023 and then drove back home (Lubbock to Los Alamos) on Sunday March 12. TOTAL: 691 miles, $52.64 on electricity.

I did a little homework using the PlugShare App (and reading reviews of chargers there). On the road I configured both the ChargePoint (for Santa Fe and Clovis) and Electrify America (Santa Rosa fast charger) apps. I took my bike and went for a ride at most of the charging stops. There is a one hour time zone between Lubbock and Los Alamos. It was also Daylight Savings weekend.

Biggest thing I learned (I “knew” it, but I really learned it watching the battery state and estimated range) – how you drive affects your range (including driving into a strong headwind!). Going into Lubbock was really pushing the range anxiety – I got there with ~6 miles to spare. The two legs Santa Rosa > Clovis and then Clovis > Lubbock was really off (and really windy).

The details: Santa Rosa > Clovis –  estimated vs actually battery range was off by 65 miles (241 miles estimated leaving Santa Rosa, after driving 75 miles, only 101 miles estimated range remaining – vs 166 miles if the 241 estimate was right!). Then Clovis > Lubbock, the estimate was 140 miles range leaving Clovis. Arriving in Lubbock after driving 96 miles, I only had 6 miles of range left..)

Going back the next day (minimal wind) – I was surprised how close the Clovis > Santa Rosa estimate and actual range was – 116 miles estimated battery range when I left Clovis and 114 miles of battery capacity used when I arrived in Santa Rosa. I drove the Clovis to Santa Rosa leg with not much wind and fairly restrained driving – slower (60-65 mph), but even though the range was close, I was fairly confident – vs the range anxiety the night before). My confidence came from watching the odometer and the estimated range – they changed at the same rate (vs with the wind, I could see the battery draining). I also watched the “efficiency/effort” meter – I drove to maximize the efficiency and see how close I could get it.

Great adventure (especially with all the biking and each stop and that I made it!) – I’m happy to answer any questions. All the details from my logs/photos are below:

02023/03/11 Ski with Aven at the morning, so not 100% charge.
0 mile odometer: Left home in Los Alamos at 12:45pm with 94% charge and est 211 miles range
15.3 mile odometer: Crossed Rio Grande at 1:07pm with 91% charge and est 230 miles range
Note: battery down 3%, range up 19 miles

39.0 mile odometer:

Santa Fe at 1:35pm with 76% charge and 173 miles range
(211 estimate – 39 miles = 176.. Pretty good vs the 173 mile estimate)
Charge in SF (peak 30 kW) add 10.85 kWh / 92% / 208 mi range / $3.26 / 40 min / +30mi
Whoo’s Donuts, ATM, TJ’s snacks, left SF at 2:20pm
Nice bike ride, got two yummy Whoo’s Blueberry donuts for my last five euros.

147.0 mile odometer:
Arrive Santa Rosa, 34% charge est 89 miles range, 3:57pm
(100 miles est leaving SF vs 89 miles range when arrive – not bad)
Peak 45kW charge, est 80 min charge to 85%
4:52pm done charging, 31.3 kWh, $16.11 (0.48/kWh + tax), 53 minutes, 94% / 241 miles estimated range
I tried to ride over to Blue Hole. Google said I could get through – don’t believe google. Glad I had tubeless tires and CO2 cartridges!

250.8 mile odometer:
6:34pm Arrive Clovis, 39%, 101 miles estimated range, 66F
75 miles to Clovis, 241 miles est leaving Clovis – should be 166 miles remaining vs 101 est!!! (strong wind, mostly?)
Best Western, 6kW charger,
McDonald’s, 8.341 kwH, $1.70, 1hr22min
7:56pm 66F, 57% / 140 miles estimated range
Very windy! (headwind) (96 miles to LBB)

344.8 mile odometer:
10:44pm arrive Lubbock, 59F
140 miles est vs 96 miles actual, 6 miles remaining est when arrived. (wind!)
Try Gene Messer Ford – dealer car plugged in to only spot!
Checked Best Buy and Audi dealer with Mom – decided Audi 4 plugs, Bosch 6kW charger, free (Best Buy wasn’t free)
2% / 6 miles estimated range
12:45pm – 10:44pm: 10 hours, 1 hour time change, ~3 hr charging

440.0 mile odometer:
10:19am (1 hr time change) 50F
Clovis, NM
(213 mile est, drove 100 miles gives 113 miles est leaving vs 75 miles est arriving)
37% / 75 miles estimated range
Best Western (Danny / owner / Tesla – super friendly!) 6.6 kW charger
12:02pm $2.11 55F, 56% / 116 miles estimated range
Bike ride (around airport) 1 hr, 40 minutes charging, 10.36kWh

543.0 mile odometer:
Drove slow (~60mph),
1:58pm 59F, 5% / 11 miles estimated range (pretty close to 103+11 = 114 vs 116 estimated)
Santa Rosa, ~48 kW charger!
2:20pm 33% / 69 miles estimated range
1hr 20 min, 48.3 kWh $24.97,
Bike ~10 miles, out old Route 66

3:24pm 96% / 203 miles range, 59F
Drove ~70mph, followed truck for portion of I-40
== 20 minutes shorter at Santa Rosa than Clovis, ~5x more power in SR, and 12x more $$
Great bike ride. Much better to go east from Santa Rosa charger!

651 mile odometer:
5:07pm 20% / 40 mile estimated Santa Fe, 48F
5:22pm 34% / 65 miles
5:43pm 53% / 103 miles $4.49, added 48 miles (according to charger..) 35 minutes, 14.96 kWh
Hail storm – no bike

690.8 mile odometer:
6:42pm 30% / 62 miles estimate
Home! 37F

Leave 10:19am arrive 6:42pm — 10 hours, 20 minutes (did some Academy / Walmart, quick bike on the way out of LBB),

TOTAL: 691 miles, $52.64 (roughly cost of 50mpg gas trip, or so..)

Looking at estimated range vs actual distance travelled:
114 vs 116 (Clovis to Santa Rose) – good!
113 vs 75 (Clovis to Lubbock) – bad
161 vs 101 (Santa Rosa to Clovis) – ugly!

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