Outerbike Day 3

Saved just enough to push through day 3. What a great weekend! Started out with more Camp 4 Coffee. Then pack up as much as possible, ride the road bike up to the ski hill, get a new day lift pass, and get in line. Made it to the Revel tent and got a Rascal to demo. I’d been trying all day yesterday to get one, so ready to ride:

Fun ride, really an agile, fun ride. Great demo! That was bike #8.. So on to bike #9 – it is the YT Jeffsy Core 3. This was another fun ride! Wahoo!

And got back, met Carrie, grabbed lunch, then time to head home. We drove to Alamos, charged up, rode out bikes along the Rio Grande, and then on towards NM.

Outerbike recap – 9 great bikes, over ~$50k worth of bikes ridden. Most interesting – the belt drive. Did over 135 km / ~85 miles, 17 laps on the Mountain. Best result – none of the bikes blew me away – that is, my current Pivot 6 is pretty sweet and just as good as any of these bikes. Next bike I look at will hopefully have a belt drive, but I don’t need a new bike soon. Lots of fun, happy with my current bike, good food and time in Crested Butte with Carrie – perfect birthday!!

Outerbike Day 2

Day 2 as in 2 much fun and 2 many bikes! Got up, grabbed Camp 4 Coffee. Rode the road bike up from town to the ski hill. Get lift pass and get in line for the gates to open. The first bike I rode was the most interesting:

A nice Zero bike. But I picked this one to try out the belt drive. Really interesting ride – I did some more cross country riding, including down and then back up a short ski run. This is a 12 speed bike and the belt drive and internal hub/shift allows you to shift the whole range while not moving. Slightly different ride/shift – but lower maintenance. A future bike will have a belt drive!

Demo bike #5. I rode the Intense 279 – the first mullet bike (a 29″ wheel in front, 27.5″ in back). I like the bike and how the mullet rode – roll right over more with the 29″ and a little more agility and control with the 27.5″. Glad I rode this to try it out.

Demo bike #6 – Steel is Real! Rode a Reeb (the short travel). Really great ride! I rode both the downhill (frequency) – the bike definitely isn’t a pure downhiller by design; and also rode a more cross country trail – that was really fun and the bike shined.

This was the only demo bike that had a cooler full of refreshing drinks upon return. No surprise from reeb – but definitely grateful for it:

Thanks reeb!

Demo bike #7 – Lamere Trail. This was my favorite bike of the day. Just good fast fun (retail on the bike I rode was ~$8500 I think. It better be good! 😉 I liked talking with this company. I was interested in trying their e-bikes (but didn’t really come to try e-bikes on this trip – they didn’t allow e-bikes on the lifts). I especially liked the Lamere suspension design. Some sweet carbon – and it felt like it.

Met up with Carrie for happy hour and then we rode our road bikes back down to town. Great Indian food at the Eldo for dinner. I wanted to demo this bike:

Great bikes around Crested Butte.

Another lap around the sun

Barely legal, with 31 years experience!

After a great celebration of Carrie’s birthday in town:

We did the work week, kept up with kiddos busy schedules, and then left the kids behind and went up to Crested Butte. We drove the EV (Nissan Leaf) up and just stopped in Alamosa to recharge – time for a good bike ride exploring nice trails along the Rio Grande:

Then back on the road – we stopped in Gunnison. Great to charge up a little – and even better, catch up with Curt and Alice over delicious dinner downtown!

Made it into Crested Butte, found our (great! super convenient – one block from Camp4 Coffee), unpacked, got the EV over to the (great! but slow) charger for an overnight charge up, and went back to the AirBnB. We feel happy to be here!

Welcome to Crested Butte. Be Kind.

Up early, EV charged, Camp4 Coffee, then rode my road bike up from town to the Ski Hill. A good warm up to sign up and get in line for the start of Outerbike! Three days of unlimited lift rides, unlimited demo bikes, lunches, happy hours, and loads of bike nerds! What fun!!

First bike – a sweet Canfield Jedi. No dropper, small cluster of gears – pure downhiller. This was tons of fun.

Instead of my usual approach of trying to explore all over the mountain and try every trail, I decided to ride each demo bike on the same few runs to get a good comparison/feel for each. I did Frequency on every bike, usually Lower Avery. I enjoyed upper Avery, Luge, and the “back around” cruiser route of Primer then Painter Boy / Teaser / Awakening. Too much fun.

Bike #2 was the Yeti SB 160. Fun bike – this is the one I realized I like the Pivot suspension geometry that spreads out the bike rather than compressing the bike. Both bike #1 and #2 felt “small”/tight (and I was on a L that fit correctly) – figured out why talking with other bike nerds. The Yeti:

Met Carrie for lunch, then bike #3, the Fezzari La Sal Peak. This was my favorite bike of the day. Really sweet ride:

Day 1 of riding in the books. Meet Carrie for Happy Hour, enjoy the scene, sad we didn’t win any of the awesome raffle prizes.

Then ride our bikes (down!) back into town, hunger strikes so we go to Secret Stash Pizza – the crack fries are out of this world as always and the pizza was awesome.

What a great birthday celebration for us both – and this is only day 1 of 3 for Outerbike!

EV Adventure: Los Alamos <> Scottsdale, AZ

Aven had an Irish Dance Feis in Scottsdale, AZ – we decided that we’d have another EV adventure. We used ABRP (A Better Route Planner) app and then looked at plugshare reviews of stations. ABRP had us charge in Santa Fe but skip Albuquerque and go to Grants. I’m glad we didn’t – Grants was out of order (two of the four chargers weren’t working including the single CHAdeMO charger). So I decided to be cautious on the trip. We got lots of good bike rides in while charging, and had a few fun explore and meal stops as well. With the Nissan Leaf (CHAdeMO and max 50 kW charging rate – but usually closer to 20 kW) I found this is really a fun way to change long car trips so I enjoy the journey, not race to the destination. The Nissan especially makes it a bit of an adventure. Other EVs that can really fast charge (300 kW?) and aren’t limited to CHAdeMO, are closer to and ICE (internal combustion engine) road trip (I would assume). If there was a real time crunch, I’d have to drive our old ICE over the Nissan. But this was lots of fun! Total: $160.35, 1150 miles. More details from the trip:

June 1, 2023

Leave Los Alamos at 6:45 am, 100%, 219 mi est. range, 19760 odometer

Santa Fe 7:32am, 82%, 175 mi range, 19799 odometer. Charge at PointCharge, ride bikes to Whoo’s Donuts! Got 9.25 kWhr for $2.77

Santa Fe 8:08am, 96%, 210 mi range, 19799 odometer.

Albuquerque 9:03am, 68%, 158 mi range, 19857 odometer. Charge at Electrify America / Walmart. Great Bike ride! Got 15.871 kWhr for $7.75

Albuquerque 9:50am, 97%, 223 mi range, 19857 odometer.

Grants 10:56am, 48%, 91 mi range, 19933 odometer. Electrify America / Walmart. CHAdeMO charger “unavailable” (not someone using, just the charger said “unavailable..”) bummer! on to Gallup?

Gallup 12:11pm, 15%, 37 mi range, 19998 odometer. Electrify America / Walmart. Nice lunch at Oasis (Mediterranean) then a nice bike ride. 43.31 kWhr, $22.33

Gallup 1:58pm, 98%, 236 mi range, 19998 odometer.

Winslow 2:56pm (w/ one hour time change), 20%, 42 mi range, 20124 odometer. Electrify America / Walmart. nice bike ride to downtown/explore Winslow (had to stand on the corner!), 33.897 kWhr, $17.33

Winslow 4:35pm, 88%, 182 mi range, 20124 odometer

Flagstaff 5:29pm, 45%, 80 mi range, 20184 odometer. Electrify America / Walmart – Station broken (no CHAdemO.. Tried three times, it started up then falied/stopped immediately). Went to ChargePoint near airport (charged ~20 kW rate), got 20.63 kWh, $15.58. No bike ride at this spot, just hung out.

Flagstaff 6:32pm, 85%, 151 mi range, 20184 odometer. Looking ahead – lots of downhill to Scotsdale, one Walmart/Electrify ~15 miles north of Phoenix I could stop at, but if I drive conservatively and get the downhill help, maybe we can make it to the hotel.

Scottsdale, AZ 10:15pm 23%, 60 mi range, 20328 odometer.

Charging near hotel overnight. CharePoint station. First 4 hours are $1/hr, after that it is $7.50/hr. By 6:40am charged almost fully, $28.52 (this was a level 2, 6.6kW)

Scottsdale, AZ 5:41am 99%, 246 mi range, 20328 odometer. cruised around town just a bit..

Heading home to NM – June 4, 2022.
Scottsdale, AZ 6:26am, 95%, 237 mi range, 20334 odometer. Going to get donuts, drive to Walmart/Electrify to charge up for the uphill to Flagstaff.

Phoenix (Anthem), AZ 7:19am, 71%, 149 mi range, 20378 odometer. Aven slept, Matt did a bike ride. Electrify America / Walmart. 14.211 kWhr, $7.31

Phoenix (Anthem), AZ 7:53am, 96%, 203 mi range, 20378 odometer.

Flagstaff, AZ 9:34am, 21%, 40 mi range, 20485 odometer. ChargePoint at gas station near airport. Did a great bike ride! Charged at >40 kW for a good while, then dropped to 20 kW. 37.2 kW, $20.20

Flagstaff, AZ 10:56am, 94%, 179 mi range, 20485 odometer

Winslow, AZ 11:54am, 68%, 162 mi range, 20545 odometer. Electrify America/Walmart. Charging Start Error! Tried three times – no luck. Sleuth up – could we make it to Gallup?? unlikely – it is ~130 miles – but windy, … , BUT there is a level 2 charger at Petrified Forest Nat’l Park..

Petrified Forest National Park, 12:58pm, 35%, 78 mi range, 20603 odometer. ChargePoint 6.6kW Level 2 charger. Stop for lunch. Matt bike ride, Aven chill. 2.5kWhr? $3.88 LOVE CHARGERS IN NATIONAL PARKS!!!

Petrified Forest Nat’l Park, 2:57pm, 60%, 129 mi range, 20603 odometer.

Gallup, NM 5:05pm, 19%, 40 mi, 20672 odometer, Walmart / Electrify America, 37.406 kWhr, $19.20, Matt bike rid, Aven chilling – not feeling great

Gallup, NM 6:51pm, 91%, 201 mi, 20672 odometer

Albuquerque 9:30pm, 20%, 50 mi, 20811 odometer, subway/dinner, 24.30 kWhr, $12.41

Albuquerque 10:15pm, 71%, 169 mi, 20811 odometer. (Can we make it home?? Long shot..)

Santa Fe 11:14pm, 27%, 50 mi, 20871 odometer (nope, not gonna push it to make it home – but perhaps we actually could have?), ChargePoint 10.234 kWh, $3.07

Santa Fe 11.:46pm, 50%, 93 mi, 20871 odometer

Home! Los Alamos, 12:38am, 29%, 61 mi, 20910 odometer

2.77 + 7.75 + 22.33 + 17.33 + 15.58 + 28.52 + 7.31 + 20.20 + 3.88 + 19.20 + 12.41 + 3.07

20910 – 19760

Total: $ 160.35, 1150 miles

EV Adventure Los Alamos <> Denver

Above: Charging at Wagon Mound – great spot and nice bike ride.

I drove our Nissan Leaf (2020, SV Plus) with the Los Alamos band up to Denver for the weekend. I went to the middle school to help pack up/etc. I was the “scout car” so left the school about 7:30am and drove fast (90 mph-ish.. real drag on batteries). I used “ABRP” (Another Best Route Planner) app to help plan things – it missed the fact that a few of the CHAdeMO plugs were out of order (Pueblo, Walmart..), so I had to “ad-lib” a bit (the slower (J1772) charger in Walsenberg – the new Circle K charger was great!). I used PlugShare quite a bit and had to use a few different apps to actually charge (ElectrifyAmerica, ChargePoint, ChargeWay, SemaConnect, EvGateway, and Circle K Charge). The drive up wasn’t ideal (between charging waits, there was also some crazy traffic – the band got just ahead of me in WagonMound then I got stuck in traffic, so way late getting up there. The band made it just fine. Coming home was much more relaxed – especially Walsenberg to Alamos I drove slower (65-70 mph) and had much better range. Charging at Wagon Mound was nice (good bike ride there) and Alamosa was really pleasant (they were putting in a few more fast chargers – I hope those are up and running soon!).

The EV was a bit of extra work – we had plenty of parents/cars, so it wasn’t an issue at all. An Internal Combustion Enging would have been just a little smoother. On the drive home, it wasn’t stressful and was pleasant. Trying to caravan and make time – I’d rather have a non-CHAdeMO, real fast-charging vehicle (the Nissan can’t take more than 50kW charge rate – the new fast chargers are ~6x that speed).

Trip Log / Details:

Fri May 5 from home: 6:51am 99% 242 miles range (17622 odometer)

Fri May 5 in Santa Fe: 8:38am 79% 177 miles range (17662 odometer)
charging at 30kW -> 12 kW, Whoo’s Run, ATM,
Fri May 5 in Santa Fe: 9:01am 91%, 208 miles range (17662 odometer)
$2.40 total for this charge

(drove pretty fast – 90 mph..) electrify America
Fri May 5 in Wagonmound 10:22am 18%, 37 miles range (17768 odometer)
43kW charging,
11:09 77%
11:31 94%, $19.63 ($18.24+$1.39 tax) for 38.2870 kWhr in 65 minutes

12:54 – Walmart Trinidad CHAdeMO is broken

slow-ish charger at Walsenberg (J1772) $4.47 EV Trail
1:31pm 20%, 41 miles range (odometer 17892)
2:01pm 41%, 86 miles range (odometer 17892)

Circle K – Colorado City (Free! New chargers)
Something Strange is Afoot..
2:23pm 25%, 49 miles range (odometer 17915)
3:09pm 60%, 118 miles range (odometer 17915)

bad traffic – car on fire in other lane, …

Phil Long EVOutlet, Colorado Springs (free – their app wasn’t working, awesome sales folks rescued me) – only EVs! They tried to get me into the PHEV Jeep. I told them I’d go test drive it will the Leaf charged… 😉 (no luck.)
4:52pm 19%, 38 miles range (odometer 17980)
6:16pm 78%, 155 miles range (odometer 17980)

Colorado Springs, Denver Traffic – driving 60mph or less..
At the Walgreens right by the band concerts – J1772 SemaConnect
7:39pm 38%, 101 miles range (odometer 18061)
8:00pm 42%, 109 miles range (odometer 18061) – had to run check for accompaniest to other school!
8:42pm 36%, 92 miles range (odometer 18072)
10:30pm 58%, 145 miles range

Sat, May 6
Free Charger at Colorado Dept of Environment and Health – LOVE IT! Thank you!!
charging at 27.7 kW (free charge and bike ride down Cherry Creek!)

8:39pm 49%, 126 miles range (odometer 18089)
9:23pm 85%, 224 miles range (odometer 18089)

Sun, May 7
6:38am, 85%
7:26am, 97%, 252 miles range (odometer 18092)
Finish the charging at CO Enviro/Health Free charger and more Cherry Creek bike ride

Walmart, Pueblo electrify America – broken!
would start charging and stop immediately
7-11 Pueblo, 50kW charging!
12:26 24%, 57 miles range (odometer 18212)
Aven & I walked to lunch
1:31pm 97%, 203 miles range (odometer 18212), added 37.05 kWh, $15.96

2:15pm 64%, 113 miles range
charging at Walsenberg (slow charger, J177) (EV Trail) super glad it is here!! Thank you!

2:30pm 75%, 132 mile range $2.27 for charge

At Alamosa (HION network)
3:54pm 23%, 50 miles range
27.3 kW charging, $32.69, 37.06 kWh (almost $1/kWh?!?!)
Aven & I checked out Visitor’s Center, called family, walked around, got lunch
5:39pm 96%, 209 mile range

8:40pm 30%, 73 miles range (odometer 18470 miles)

Drive cost $78 dollars in charging total, a little over 800 miles total

EV Adventure: Los Alamos <> Lubbock

Charging at Santa Rosa

For a few reasons (testing out EV driving for one!) I drove from Los Alamos, NM to Lubbock TX Saturday March 11, 2023 and then drove back home (Lubbock to Los Alamos) on Sunday March 12. TOTAL: 691 miles, $52.64 on electricity.

I did a little homework using the PlugShare App (and reading reviews of chargers there). On the road I configured both the ChargePoint (for Santa Fe and Clovis) and Electrify America (Santa Rosa fast charger) apps. I took my bike and went for a ride at most of the charging stops. There is a one hour time zone between Lubbock and Los Alamos. It was also Daylight Savings weekend.

Biggest thing I learned (I “knew” it, but I really learned it watching the battery state and estimated range) – how you drive affects your range (including driving into a strong headwind!). Going into Lubbock was really pushing the range anxiety – I got there with ~6 miles to spare. The two legs Santa Rosa > Clovis and then Clovis > Lubbock was really off (and really windy).

The details: Santa Rosa > Clovis –  estimated vs actually battery range was off by 65 miles (241 miles estimated leaving Santa Rosa, after driving 75 miles, only 101 miles estimated range remaining – vs 166 miles if the 241 estimate was right!). Then Clovis > Lubbock, the estimate was 140 miles range leaving Clovis. Arriving in Lubbock after driving 96 miles, I only had 6 miles of range left..)

Going back the next day (minimal wind) – I was surprised how close the Clovis > Santa Rosa estimate and actual range was – 116 miles estimated battery range when I left Clovis and 114 miles of battery capacity used when I arrived in Santa Rosa. I drove the Clovis to Santa Rosa leg with not much wind and fairly restrained driving – slower (60-65 mph), but even though the range was close, I was fairly confident – vs the range anxiety the night before). My confidence came from watching the odometer and the estimated range – they changed at the same rate (vs with the wind, I could see the battery draining). I also watched the “efficiency/effort” meter – I drove to maximize the efficiency and see how close I could get it.

Great adventure (especially with all the biking and each stop and that I made it!) – I’m happy to answer any questions. All the details from my logs/photos are below:

02023/03/11 Ski with Aven at the morning, so not 100% charge.
0 mile odometer: Left home in Los Alamos at 12:45pm with 94% charge and est 211 miles range
15.3 mile odometer: Crossed Rio Grande at 1:07pm with 91% charge and est 230 miles range
Note: battery down 3%, range up 19 miles

39.0 mile odometer:

Santa Fe at 1:35pm with 76% charge and 173 miles range
(211 estimate – 39 miles = 176.. Pretty good vs the 173 mile estimate)
Charge in SF (peak 30 kW) add 10.85 kWh / 92% / 208 mi range / $3.26 / 40 min / +30mi
Whoo’s Donuts, ATM, TJ’s snacks, left SF at 2:20pm
Nice bike ride, got two yummy Whoo’s Blueberry donuts for my last five euros.

147.0 mile odometer:
Arrive Santa Rosa, 34% charge est 89 miles range, 3:57pm
(100 miles est leaving SF vs 89 miles range when arrive – not bad)
Peak 45kW charge, est 80 min charge to 85%
4:52pm done charging, 31.3 kWh, $16.11 (0.48/kWh + tax), 53 minutes, 94% / 241 miles estimated range
I tried to ride over to Blue Hole. Google said I could get through – don’t believe google. Glad I had tubeless tires and CO2 cartridges!

250.8 mile odometer:
6:34pm Arrive Clovis, 39%, 101 miles estimated range, 66F
75 miles to Clovis, 241 miles est leaving Clovis – should be 166 miles remaining vs 101 est!!! (strong wind, mostly?)
Best Western, 6kW charger,
McDonald’s, 8.341 kwH, $1.70, 1hr22min
7:56pm 66F, 57% / 140 miles estimated range
Very windy! (headwind) (96 miles to LBB)

344.8 mile odometer:
10:44pm arrive Lubbock, 59F
140 miles est vs 96 miles actual, 6 miles remaining est when arrived. (wind!)
Try Gene Messer Ford – dealer car plugged in to only spot!
Checked Best Buy and Audi dealer with Mom – decided Audi 4 plugs, Bosch 6kW charger, free (Best Buy wasn’t free)
2% / 6 miles estimated range
12:45pm – 10:44pm: 10 hours, 1 hour time change, ~3 hr charging

440.0 mile odometer:
10:19am (1 hr time change) 50F
Clovis, NM
(213 mile est, drove 100 miles gives 113 miles est leaving vs 75 miles est arriving)
37% / 75 miles estimated range
Best Western (Danny / owner / Tesla – super friendly!) 6.6 kW charger
12:02pm $2.11 55F, 56% / 116 miles estimated range
Bike ride (around airport) 1 hr, 40 minutes charging, 10.36kWh

543.0 mile odometer:
Drove slow (~60mph),
1:58pm 59F, 5% / 11 miles estimated range (pretty close to 103+11 = 114 vs 116 estimated)
Santa Rosa, ~48 kW charger!
2:20pm 33% / 69 miles estimated range
1hr 20 min, 48.3 kWh $24.97,
Bike ~10 miles, out old Route 66

3:24pm 96% / 203 miles range, 59F
Drove ~70mph, followed truck for portion of I-40
== 20 minutes shorter at Santa Rosa than Clovis, ~5x more power in SR, and 12x more $$
Great bike ride. Much better to go east from Santa Rosa charger!

651 mile odometer:
5:07pm 20% / 40 mile estimated Santa Fe, 48F
5:22pm 34% / 65 miles
5:43pm 53% / 103 miles $4.49, added 48 miles (according to charger..) 35 minutes, 14.96 kWh
Hail storm – no bike

690.8 mile odometer:
6:42pm 30% / 62 miles estimate
Home! 37F

Leave 10:19am arrive 6:42pm — 10 hours, 20 minutes (did some Academy / Walmart, quick bike on the way out of LBB),

TOTAL: 691 miles, $52.64 (roughly cost of 50mpg gas trip, or so..)

Looking at estimated range vs actual distance travelled:
114 vs 116 (Clovis to Santa Rose) – good!
113 vs 75 (Clovis to Lubbock) – bad
161 vs 101 (Santa Rosa to Clovis) – ugly!

Cerro Pelado fire

May 8 2022 thoughts

The fire started up by Sierra Los Pinos in the Jemez on April 22 (happy Earth Day.. ugh!) It has been mixed conditions (primarily wind related) – one crazy wind and smokey day (on the start day) and we got 80% ready to evacuate (animal carriers assembled and right by the door, for example). Everyone (lab, county, forest, NNSA/DC, individuals) is watching the fire closely and making plans for many contingencies.

Today (May 8, happy Mother’s Day??) is dry and windy and the start of “100 hours of red flag conditions.” I was supposed to go on work travel but cancelled. This morning I’ve been watching fire information, air fire-fighting and fire-mapping, and remember some good adventures in that area of the Jemez. This post is semi-therapeutic, semi-informative for others perhaps.

I saw this image of current aircraft and fire status and I decided to add a few photos from semi-recent activities up there – you can see the fuel load and what is going on. This image is from ~9am this morning (May 8):

Cerro Pelado fire map May 8 9am

Th map is a bit busy, so here goes: the radial black rings are distance from NM4 and NM501 intersection aka “back gate.” Each ring is a mile.

Red are IR hot spots (very likely fire, but need to be confirmed).

Blue tracks are various fire fighting/support planes. I added two black arrows. The lower arrow is the start of the narrow spot of FR 287 heading out Sawyer Mesa. Last Nov 6 2021, I rode this with Shawn and Mike. You might be able to view the route and two other photos near here on strava. Two photos taken really close to the head of the lower black arrow (and right at the NE corner of the fire by IR) are below. You can see – fire has burned there before, not lots of crowning opportunity for the current fire or live trees right here, but still fuel, and super dry.

Looking roughly east, towards Los Alamos
Looking roughly west. The fire appears to be near here, burning from the left side, wind and fire are moving to right and the IR spot map indicates it may have crossed FS287 (this “road”) – not confirmed on the ground though.

Next, is a more recent photo – from Jan 9, 2022. Aven and I went up to cross country ski. The photo is taken near the head of upper black arrow in the first map. You may be able to check the track and photo at strava. In the photo below, you can see more live trees (fuel.. ugh..) than out Obsidian Ridge (the two photos above). The snow sure looks nice but that is all gone and not much moisture at all up there right now.

Jan 6 2022 ski, about a mile from where the IR map shows the fire (as of May 8, 2021).

We are watching the fire carefully, thinking of everyone up there – people who live up there and are evacuated, the fire fighting crew (THANK YOU!), and everyone impacted and stressed out by the smoke, wind, dry, and uncertainty. Everyone stay safe!

Just Another Sunday in the Jemez

Did you miss it?

Just Another Sunday in the Jemez

November 29, 02020

After brewing coffee, I settled into the Sunday New York Times and Santa Fe New Mexican.  The first clue was on A13.  And again on A17 (but in black and white the second time).  The coffee hadn’t really kicked in. I missed the clue, definitely the first time (A13).  It was subtle and  wasn’t just the lack of coffee, but the second clue (A17) — definitely deja-vu, then a double-take, but I still just thought it was weird.

The article about folks in Stonesfield trying to save their pub “The White Horse” was compelling and interesting (enough for a once-through, but not twice).  After reading through the rest of the NYT and going through the Santa Fe paper it was time for the crossword puzzle.  Not the most challenging Sunday puzzle but there were a few interesting clues.  27 Across (4 letters) “Drake’s Output” made me think immediately of SETI (I thought of the Drake equation) and  59 Across (7 letters) “Haphazardly organized” – after the A13 and A17 “misprint” I thought of NYTIMES.

Then many pieces began to fall into place…

The White Horse was the steed of the first of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  We recently rewatched Good Omens, which portrays the White Horseperson (not all men, in the modern telling) as Pollution, who had recently (since antibiotics and vaccinations came into favor) had replaced Pestilence. But in 2020 – perhaps Pestilence is making a come back?  The tie to the current pandemic was strange.

When shopping at the local co-op a few days ago, I was really taken by the beautiful Taos Hum Hot Sauce Van that was in the parking lot.  Check the plates on that sweet ride.

What is the Taos Hum?  Spend a few minutes with google, but this was more than just another moment of New Mexico weirdness, with the pile of clues starting to come together.  Taos Hum hot sauce? I recommend you give it a shot – but what is the tie to this narrative?  Well, all the peppers for the hot sauce are grown on the Walking Trout Farms.  Still don’t see the connection?  Read on.

“Walking Trout Farm is situated on a southwestern slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico along the Rio de Truchas.  The river is a high quality, cold water stream with brown trout that runs for less than a kilometer across the farm before disappearing into the sandy river bed.  Legend has it that every year the trout walk up the four-mile dry arroyo from the Rio Grande to spawn in the cold clear waters of the Rio de Truchas.”   – from https://taoshumhotsauce.com/pages/the-farm

So we know that just because something ends up in the desert where you don’t think it should be, doesn’t mean it didn’t just walk there.  Or couldn’t walk away.  Or perhaps it does take some magical realism to all work out – how do you think the trout get there?

Don’t forget the 27 Across clue (in case you did: Drake’s Output) – this is New Mexico we are trying to make some sense of.  Roswell.  Below are a few photos of one of my favorite road signs seen all around the Enchanted Circle (including Taos)

How does this connect?  What was the NYT covering up on A17 of the New Mexico version?

The article about the disappearance of the Utah monolith did not appear (either Saturday 11/28 or Sunday 11/29) in the New Mexico print versions of the New York Times.  Was this the missing page A17?

I went to twitter to track down the author and ask, but found…

Did you catch the John McCracken connection?  See the NYT article, also supposedly by Bryan Pietsch, at https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/27/arts/design/john-mccracken-utah-monolith.html I’ll let you noodle on that one, but (as wikipedia tell us), McCracken lived and worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Take a look at some of his artwork http://www.artnet.com/artists/john-mccracken/ and read about what he thought about aliens and SETI.

How does the White Horse fit into it all?  Still your part of the puzzle to figure out, but chip in a few bucks (or pounds) to the cause while you sort it out – maybe we’ll meet there for a pint someday?  https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/back-the-white-horse 

Was the Taos Hum Hot Sauce truck making a “delivery” in Utah recently?

Just another Sunday in the Jemez. Just another 2020 Sunday, that is..

 Bonus (dis)connection:“The strange mystery of the Taos Hum has been solved! Only some can hear it, we promise you will taste and feel it, and no one can MAKE IT STOP!” https://taoshumhotsauce.com/.

Travel Picture 11

Yes, It goes to 11! Bonus picture..

My cousin, Kathy Park, challenged me to 10 pictures – no explanation, but pictures that made an impact. I actually enjoyed the 10 album challenge, and it was good fun going through old photos! Just like the albums – it is impossible to pick just 10. If you want to the challenge – consider it issued! Join the fun.