@sciencemag 02018/07/20 highlights

Space, still the final frontier is a good editorial by Dan Baker and Amal Chandran – looking at the changing environment in space but the continued challenges.

Hackers easily fool artificial intelligences describes the current state (a big mess!) in adversarial machine learning.

Confronting and unhealthy ecosystem is a book review of The Secret Life of Science looking at the ecosystem of doing science (a bit meta – Scientists looking at how we do science).  It raises some important questions about the sustainability (workforce-wise) of how we do science.

Human influence on the seasonal cycle of tropospheric temperature is a great summary of a look to quantify the anthropogenic component of the current climate change.  A worthwhile and important challenge.

I always love to see and keep up with subglacial hydrology, so Friction at the bed does not control fast glacier flow is a good read and a look at Greenland.

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