@sciencemag 02018/08/03 highlights

A place in the Sun is a perfect update on the state of helioscience and the observatories and probes being used and planned to study the sun.  Perfect timing for Parker Solar Probe launch.

A dust-enshrouded tidal disruption event with a resolved radio jet in a galaxy merger is a reminder of the amazing observation black hole astrophysics that we as a species can be proud to be enabling.  Amazing!

Ultrastable laser interferometry for earthquake detection with terrestrial and submarine cables reports on some incredible geophysics with applications for monitoring our planet.  @raspishake

Although water on Mars is over-reported – this is liquid water!  And the cool similarity to geophysical techniques used to identify liquid water beneath Antarctica now being used to find liquid water on Mars is cool.  So the report Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars was a fun read.


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