xmas “break” geeking

The copier is busted, so I can’t do my note xeroxing prep-work for next semester.  I’ve got about 30 minutes until I meet Dr. Satoshi Miura to re-install the gravimeter over in the library (this is part of the ISEA or International geodetic project in SouthEastern Alaska.  Check out the recent ISEA AGU abstract about it.  That link might even work..)
I’m trying to install xubuntu on my Mac OSX 10.4.8 machine in parallels.  It seems really slow right now, but I am going to wait and see.  I think it is because ubuntu is trying to repartition the drive (partman is the main process running), while I set parallels to dynamically create and resize the virtual disk.  If I give up (it is hung at 15% on the installer), I might try to create a fixed virtual disk file.  I might also switch over to a debian netinstall attempt.  This all came about because the one app I need in OSX that I just continually battle with is gnucash.  So if I have a Linux box running and gnucash is an apt-get away, perhaps life will be a tad bit better.  I’ll document the battle in the comments, in case someone else has the same brilliant idea..

waiting (im)patiently

New Blog Software

Howdy blog fans! I was using iWeb for the talus-and-heavner.com web pages, including the built in blogs. I really liked the Mac-way except for the fact that I was tied to one single computer. I realize now that I could copy the Sites and the /Library/Applications/iWebSomethingerotherFolder around, but I didn’t, and that hard drive died. So I want something all out on a server somwhere else (at http://dreamhost.com/ and if you tell ’em that matt@talus-and-heavner.com sent you, I’ll get a little kick back from your web hosting escapades.) At any rate, we’re giving WordPress at dreamhost a shot (Tom and Laura at Spacenuts seem to like it). And now Carrie or Matt (or anyone else who asks) can add a blog entry. We’ll see how this adventure goes. And we’ll probably keep using iWeb for the main web stuff, but WordPress for the blog. If you want to find the old blog archives for pre July stuff, it is still around.