Hawaii, part 1

For Grams and Gramps 40th wedding anniversary, we rounded up the whole gang and went to Hawaii.  It was a great 10 days, and we only got about 700 pictures..  In addition, it was Tom’s Birthday, Christmas, lots of beach and sun, and storing up on Vitamin D.  We got a group shot, and a few others down below.  We’re overnighting in Seattle before heading home to Juneau (and hopefully lots of snow up on Eaglecrest!)

Public Market 2007

Carrie went in with Abby and Chip on a booth at Juneau’s Public Market.

Carrie was really on top of it this year, especially with her own Talus-Tiles kiln in the garage.  There was of course still a small last minute “get it all together” panic:

 The public market was lots of fun for Carrie, and Torsten and Matt got to hang out together for a good intense father/son weekend.   Here are several photos of Carrie’s part of the booth, and they show off one of her new trials this year–the big noodle bowls which came out amazing!


AGU 2007

Torsten missed AGU for the first time in his life–Carrie and Torsten didn’t go down to the annual San Francisco.  In addition to missing those guys, several of the regulars didn’t attend–we missed you all!  Despite that, the week was full of science, full of politicking, full of friends, and full of good food and city.  The stats from AGU are that over 15,000 geophysicists got together.  There were an amazing number of posters and talks, including some our groups contributed.  Bill O’Brien, a friend/prof/mentor from Southwestern, was there for the week, and got to know the gang (we’re hoping he’ll be in Juneau next fall for some collaboration). Dipa (a Bay Area collaborator) came up to meet for lunch, go through the MOMA, meet the gang, see AGU, and catch up a bit–great to see her, and I think we all enjoyed the MOMA, especially the Olafur Eliasson exhibition (that’s all I had time to check out).  The only pictures from this whole week that I’ve got are from this exhibition–check ’em out.  (This was a mirrored small balcony built onto the outside wall of MOMA–really cool!)

It was great to see Kevin, Eloise, and Haden up from Australia!  And fun to catch up with Tom, Laura, and Waylon with a group dinner at their house on Friday night.  Always great to see all the rest of the gang–I’m looking forward to next year’s soon!  (And I’ll make the Triton reservation as soon as possible–they don’t have any cheap rates at the moment.)

More from Santa

After Torsten expressed his desire for a bow and arrow from Santa (see last blog entry), he came home and Carrie clued him in on the “Santa keeps track of good/bad” thing.  Torsten considered briefly, and then decided that, well, coal would be ok, because he would like to add some coal to his rock collection.

Little kids rock!

Here are two photos showing Torsten’s enjoyment of the Christmas tree we have up at home..