Hike to Chuvena

We drove from Fairbanks (thanks for lending the car and gear, Anne & Don!) to Chuvena.  By amazing total-lack-of-coordinating, both the Robinson clan and the Talus-Heavner clan were running exactly the same amount late, and we pulled into the parking area within one minute of each other!  After an instant friendship (memory?) in the parking lot:

We had a great hike into the cabin (Harlow and Matt working as camels, seen below).


Then we got to the cabin and all enjoyed saunas, canoeing, catching up, lounging around, etc..


The whole gang got in for a dock picture (that’d be, from left-to-right, Dave, Alice (rear-end), Harlow, Carrie, Eli, Riley, Blair, Shawna, Aspen, Rowan, Gina, Tooth, Carrie, Torsten, and Matt).

The kids all had a blast (enjoy the Sauna here):

And they especially enjoyed jumping over to the round dock–it not only made the mom’s scared, but even the dad’s were a bit worried–that’s how much fun it was! 🙂

 As always, check out the whole gallery.

Enjoying the Fairbanks Sun

Matt went up to Fairbanks for a two day NSF grant writing workshop, then Carrie and Torsten came up afterwards to enjoy some of the lovely August Fairbanks sun. It was perfect!!! Thanks to Don and Anne for everything–a place to stay, a car to drive, great hospitality, hosting a good potluck dinner to reconnect with friends, and gear loans! We owe you–come down to Juneau soon! Here’s Carrie enjoying the sun:

A few images from the potluck dinner:

It was especially great to meet Emilie (read her family blog at http://truffer.blogspot.com/ ).  Here are a few of our photos of the 4 day old:

A quick photo-nod to all the fun that Torsten and Sonja had in Anne and Don’s awesome new yard and house:

and a link to the whole gallery will wrap up this blog entry.

Talus Tiles Update

Carrie has been keeping up with the tile production and expanding her repertoire amidst all the house moving/selling/buying craziness. Matt has to get the correct pigtail for the kiln at the new house, but Carrie will be ready to fire up the kiln again soon! Fall market is already in her sights. Here’s a little preview of some of the new tiles. (Usually we scan her tiles to get better images, but the scanner is still packed up–so a photo with a little bit of the flash is what we’ve got for you today.)

Bottling with Dad

Torsten was a great help bottling up the Spruce Tip–the last batch of beer brewed at the Glacierwood House. The beer tastes good, but is slowly carbonating. We’ll have a tasting at the house warming and belated birthday blowout. Mid-September, we hope.

Birthday Kayaking

Carrie and Matt got birthday kayaks (and Christmas, etc–thanks to all who contributed to the kayak fund!). In the midst of all the house buying and selling craziness, we haven’t gotten to enjoy them as much as we’d like. But we made the effort to get out today and enjoyed tooling around Mendenhall Lake. We saw a few bears after loading the kayaks back up on the car. (And Thanks Chip, Missy, and Adelie for hanging out with Torsten while we went kayaking!)

As usual, a whole (small) gallery is available (with bear pictures).

Moving In/New Address

We are sleeping at the new house, we’ve all had good soaks in the new hot tub, and the mail is getting forwarded.  The new address is 998 Mendenhall Peninsula Dr, Juneau AK 99801.  Here are a few pictures.  First outside:


Here’s inside:


And here’s Torsten and Suka enjoying the front yard/sand pile:


 There’s a few more shots in the gallery.

House news!

What a busy summer for us and real estate in Juneau.  We bought a new place out on Mendenhall Peninsula–we’re very psyched and we started moving boxes over there today.  About 15 minutes after we walked out of closing on that place, we got a phone call that we had an offer on our current (Glacierwood Dr) house.  We got the counter accepted, and now are trying our best to expedite the closing (on all sides)–hopefully by Aug 30, we will only own a single house in Juneau again!  We’ll get pictures of the new place as we settle in, and we hope all of you will have a chance to come visit the new place soon!!!


We had a great visit to Hoonah last Sunday, thanks to Uncle Peter and “job connections.”  Carrie, Peter, Torsten, and Matt went over on an Allen Marine boat (with about 30 people total)–very relaxed, and we stopped to see many whales along the way.  We got over there, and Carrie and Peter went to ride down the world’s longest zipline, while Matt and Torsten explored Hoonah’s most amazing (and only) swingset, and then hiked along the coast to meet everyone at the end of the zipline and have some lunch.  It was a great trip, and we’ve got more than a few photos up in the gallery.  Here are a few highlights:

We all had a blast!  No great shots from the zipline (Peter’s camera batteries died!), but take Carrie’s recommendation–just do it!

Minnesota relatives

On our trip to visit northern Minnesota, part of the purpose was to catchup (for Carrie) and meet (for Torsten and Matt) some long lost family (on Carrie’s side).  We visited Carolyn (Carrie’s namesake!) on Lake Vermillion, then Skip (Carrie’s Uncle) and his family on another beautiful lake.  We saw several family homes, and in general enjoyed meeting family and relaxing on the lakes.  Torsten especially liked “hanging with the big boys.”

After the Boundary Waters canoeing with friends, we caught up with Mike and Ellen, along with Aunt Peggy and all her family–what great hospitality, and a beautiful place to stay at the farmhouse (with an organ!)!!

A major highlight for Torsten was visiting the petting zoo across the border in Wisconsin.  Torsten still likes to pretend his is a bunny and be fed carrots:

These are just a few of the highlight photos–many family are left out, so make sure to check out the photo gallery of the whole trip!