Divide and Conquer

Or, a weekend apart..

Carrie and Aven went up for James’ wedding and got to catch up with the Morawski/Talus side of the family. Torsten and I were left to our own devices so decided to have some fun before the end of summer. Torsten came in to work with me on Friday

From there we went out to Western Maryland to spend some fantastic time on the Chaney farm. We had way too much fun, enjoyed catching up with a small part of the family out there, and even helped a bit with the final hay-making (Torsten was proud to get the wrap on the final bail of the 2015 hay making season). Here are a few of our favorite photos, including trips into Pennsylvania to visit the Merle’s cabin, some fantastic ice cream at the Road Kill Cafe (the ice cream place had a separate name.), organ playing (Torsten loved the organ!), a fantastic sunset, and four wheeler fun around the farm.

HAY! and making hay!!

And then hitting hay!

After fantastic family hospitality and not enough time catching up (and not nearly enough four wheeler driving for Torsten!), we went on down to Seneca Rocks for some camping in West Virginia. After a great sunset on the rocks,

Torsten was ready to really hit the hay (in the tent..)

The next day we got some good hiking in around Seneca Rocks and stopped a few times on the drive home..

We missed Carrie and Aven, but had a great father/son weekend and enjoyed the farm and family!