Klondike Road Relay

We always enjoy going up for the Klondike Road Relay.  It is a ten person running relay from Skagway to Whitehorse.  This year, we considered changing the UAS team name from the Road Scholars to either “Talus and Heavner and a few others” or “Can’t see the Trees for the Forests” (we had Carrie, Matt, Torsten, Uncle Peter, and Nana all along–Carrie, Peter, and Matt ran; and we had two Forests on the team).  It was a blast as always.  Matt started it off by running leg 1, then Carrie got leg 3–she had a blast as the first time she ran with music, and Peter brought the team home by finishing up leg 10 in Whitehorse.  Torsten and Nana provided moral support–and we spent about 5 hours total on Saturday at the Whitehorse Aquatic Center!

Here’s Matt starting, Matt handing off to Forest, and Peter finishing off (the problem with running through the night is that it is hard to get good pictures–so none of Carrie…)

 Many friends were along for runs on the UAS team, other teams, and support–the Ferry ride up to Skagway and then back home is always fun.  Eran ran for the “Afro-disiacs” team…



 We had an awesome cheering crew of Stella and Torsten (with hot chocolates on the cold Whitehorse finish day):

 (Almost) the whole team photo shows all the fun–except Mike Ciri snuck out of the photo!!!!


Finally, here’s a photo of Carrie, Torsten, Peter and Nana (just after Matt started out on leg 1) in front of the traditional mural:

Nemo and Bob The Builder/Cowboy

Adelie came to visit our new place–she brought Missy, Chip, Blokus, and some great clothes.  She and Torsten had a blast playing while we all enjoyed Blokus.  Bob is nice and safe with the reflective vest!

Nemo and Bob  Bob and Nemo

Yep, we’re catching up on a little blogging, we hope!

First day of school for Torsten

Torsten went to his first day of preschool at the Auke Bay Co-op.  Since it was his first day, mom and dad were there and mom stayed the whole time.  He was with a bunch of kids who were there for their second year, and knew the routine, so he had some catching up to do.  He definitely enjoyed the shaving cream art projects!

 He’s learning group dynamics and enjoyed hanging out with all the kids, we think.

Of course, we’ve got the preschool first day gallery.

Bear Visits New House

There is definitely more bear traffic here at the new house. We had one come and check out our trash habits–so until we build a better “trash can hut,” the trash cans are now in the garage. Beautiful bear, bad habits. These pictures made us cringe (as far as us fostering bad bear-human interactions), but they are a beautiful part of living in our new house. Bats do regular night flights, and the eagles are constant visitors and part of the sound-scape. I was grilling salmon and an eagle was behaving more like a vulture–up in the tree just waiting for me to turn my back!

Coming to visit:

Looking for the trash:

Score! (ug…)

The whole gallery