no pics, great trip

We are marauding around Alaska (ok, camping and catching up with friends). We sometimes get cell phone coverage to plan the next few days and I’ve tried to update once or twice. Apparently the photos aren’t getting through, so you’ll just have to imagine.. We’ll be home on Saturday July 4.

Matanuska glacier

Great time at chuvena! Now slowly heading back home. We are camping at the matanuska glacier tonightn

Mile 131

Heading in to Chuvena. Great trip so far! Half way!n

Heading north

On the ferry, heading to haines to start two weeks up north. Bye auke bay!

Nice plane

Or paint job at least, on the plane next to me at Juneau airport. Rain is back so it is a good time for a quick trip south.

The Grass is Always Bluer

Bluegrass camp with Bearfoot Bluegrass–Torsten is loving it, and doing well. He is getting lots of fiddle and guitar lessons. He went out for his first round of busking with Kate and 7 students–the youngest group out, and they made $26!

From The Grass is Always Bluer

From The Grass is Always Bluer

More pictures still to come…

Great Torsten Picture for the summer

This is from our visit to Monterey, CA. I can’t believe I didn’t put it in the blog yet, but here ya go:

From California, Day 2

Sunny Sunday

It is a little cloudy this morning (Monday), but yesterday was another blue sky perfect Juneautopia day.. We went for brunch to the Kleins (and just hung out on the deck in the sun for about 5 hours, I think!!). Checked out the tree house, tried to keep from too much sunburn.. Torsten and Garrett had fun roller blading, scootering, swinging, water fighting, etc..

Number 2

Last Thurs we had a great visit to the hospital for an ultrasound. Although Torsten seemed to like the rotating chair just as much as the ultrasound, he was excited to compare his sister’s foot size with his, look at the size of her head, and especially to hear her heartbeat. (Yep, the tech said more than 90% sure it is a girl.) Exciting!!

Snow at the tram!

After the beach, up the tram for snow!