This is southeast

On the ferry, about to depart Juneau for a weekend in Tenakee.

From Southeast AK

Torsten art

Torsten drew a card and picture for me on his ride in today. The picture is Torsten and Matt at Eaglecrest (the chair lift is below us). Gonna be a great winter! 🙂

From Torsten Art

From Torsten Art

July 4 2009

A great, sunny fourth of July in Juneau. While Carrie and Torsten joined Lori, Dave, and Garrett for the Juneau parade, Matt went up to Lemon Creek Glacier with Nick, Dave, and Josh (and maybe Marijke went up as well?)

From July 4 2009

Nick, Dave, and Josh, working away:

From July 4 2009 Lemon Creek

And the lake hasn’t drained yet:

From July 4 2009 Lemon Creek

Sailing Wild Auke Bay

Out on the Sophia with Chip, Missy, and Adelie for a fantastic tool around Auke Bay on yet another fantastic Juneautopia sunny day.

From Sailing wild Auke Bay

From Sailing wild Auke Bay

Respect the Belly!

Here at T-H headquarters, we received a request for a “belly shot”–so here is how the development of “number two” is coming.