Mendenhall Snowman

Still catching up and digging out from all the snow.. We went out for a walk on Mendenhall Lake back on March 18, and there was a great snowman someone had built in the middle of the lake. Joe McCabe was talking some photos, and we came this close to getting Torsten interested in taking a family photo (he’s not much into posing for photos most of the time these days). In the end, no family photo, but Joe sent these two awesome photos from the day. Enjoy.

Easter Eggs and BBQ

We are still catching up on blogging, but we had a great Easter Egg Hunt/BBQ at Auke Rec.  We got great weather, and we all had fun working the grills, walking the beach, searching for eggs, and hanging out with friends.  If the few thumbnails below aren’t enough for you, we always have the full gallery.


Gram and Gramp visit

Still catching up in t-h blog.  We enjoyed a great visit from Gram and Gramp.  Lots of great grandparent time for Torsten, a good bit of snow shoveling, some good walks, lots of good house “puttering”/fix-ups (THANKS!), and even a little skiing for Matt & Carrie–woohoo!  As always, if these pictures aren’t enough, all the rest are in the gallery.

family tradition (ice cream!) Making sure Torsten understands the importance of ice cream as a family tradition.

snowy walk with Gram/Gramp Out for a snowy walk (at Dredge Lakes) with Gram and Gramp.

lots of snow Lots of snow to shovel!  Woohoo!

new sweater!    A new sweater Gramknit–showing Torsten how to fix a button.

readin' with Gramp Reading with Gramp (after playing with trains).

And a family photo:

yes, the snow is knee deep on skis

skiing (traversing) in deep snow

Catching up some more on t-h blogging. Carrie and Matt went up to Spalding Meadows on Monday, March 12. It was a great hike up (see the picture of Matt hiking up on skis above). We skied around a little up at the top (not enough–Matt ran out of fuel for the warm food for lunch (we still had chocolate and trail mix, etc), Matt ran out of steam a bit (and he had worked up quite a steam/sweat on the way up and had done a not-so-good job of managing moisture!), and the snow was “closing in” a bit (visibility was dropping and snow was starting to pile up quickly)–Matt had images of two frozen Torsten parents and thought the grandparents would kill us (if we weren’t already dead)). So we headed down too early. And that was still lotsa fun!

Need more? View the whole gallery (including the cooking fun…)

Auke Lake Ski

On a sunny day of yore (back on Feb 23.. we’re trying to catch up here at t-h blog), we went out skiing across Auke Lake with Abbey. David, Dylan, and Jill joined us. It was a glorious day of skiing, and several more pictures are at the gallery from that day.