HAARP Technology

We stopped by HAARP to check out the latest technology.

We were amazed with what we found:

And they are definitely leading the free world in big tire production:

Nice big engines:

Ok, actually we just drove by HAARP to get to Emma’s one year old birthday at Mukluk Land in Tok. Mukluk land is awesome and has an amazing collection of good old stuff. But feeding the HAARP conspiracy is so much more fun! 🙂

More photos at the gallery.

Cornell Graduation

We went up to Ithaca (finally!) to see Ben and Gretchen graduate and celebrate the achievement with them. It was a great family visit, for sure.

In addition to celebrating, we had some good family visiting time, and just a little bit of time to explore the Ithaca area.

There are more photos in our gallery.

Don Visits

After CEDAR, Don Hampton came “up the hill” for a visit. We really enjoyed catching up with him. We went out on a hike down behind the golf course, partially on Walnut Rim trail. Don found big rocks to stand on:

Torsten enjoyed exploring rocks and trying to keep up with Don

It was a great hike, and Aven held her own:

But it was also quite hot, and Aven was good at calling the water breaks

After cleaning up from the hike, we went over to celebrate Carrie’s piece in the gallery opening in the Fuller Lodge gallery:

Then we wandered over to the museum (we tested out whether you get more bubbles in a root beer float if you add the root beer to the ice cream or if you add the ice cream to the root beer. Both kids approved of this kind of science.) On the way the museum, we had a little chat with Opie and Leslie

A few more pictures are in the gallery.

Bandelier Camp

Torsten spent Wed-Thurs at Bendelier National Monument in their kid camp. He had a great time, outside, learning about the area and even what to do if you are lost outdoors.

Torsten’s report: “We went hiking, we playing in a stream, we planted a garden”

On Saturday it was “family day” so we all got to visit. Aven loved to see her big brother’s camp:

We did some tree identification and some treasure hunts. It is always nice to have some water as part of the environment and camp activities:

We played a family game in which we blindfolded each other, then led the blindfolded person to a tree. After exploring the tree (still blindfolded), the person was led back to the start area and (blindfold removed) point out the tree they were led to.

A few more pictures are in the gallery.