Torsten moving in to NYC

After the epic drive with Torsten, I spent three days in NYC helping Torsten and Alexander move in, find furniture, (begin to) explore the neighborhood, and even got to enjoy the big city a bit. Critical facts: 4th floor. No elevator.

We started to unpack and took a stroll around the neighborhood – found ice cream/waffles/smoothies and laundromat all on the same block:

We made one run to IKEA to get a few essentials, got them setup, and then were all exhausted. I did get up early to I could ride all the way down the River Trail (super nice! From 168th down to Battery Park and on around a bit, then back), and had to see the little red lighthouse!

Parking in the city was both not totally horrible and also totally insane! Here’s our car (in the middle) –

We did the serious IKEA trip (yikes!) – started out and paced ourselves:

Ended up completely (over)stuffed in the car and exhausted – success!

We did some unpacking, lots of assembly – IKEA directions are great:

And they were somewhat settled:

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