Hot Salsa, Cool Ballroom

A hot night out on the town–this was the Juneau Montessori fundraiser that Carrie and Matt got too on a date–woohoo! The auction was good (Carrie did manage to keep Matt away from the desserts).

From Hot Salsa, Cool Ballroom 2009

We had a great time seeing lots of friends. The action was too fast for many non-blurry pictures, but here are a few:

Afternoon ski

Carrie and Matt went out for a quick mid-day break of some cross country skiing. Auke Lake was too soggy, the new Auke Lake trail didn’t have plowed parking, so we finally settled on dashing to Brotherhood Trail. The temps were warm–it started raining midway through. But being outside on skis (with happy dogs) beats the inside anyday! Carrie was ready for the vertical!

From Carrie Skis Feb 2009
From Carrie Skis Feb 2009

Torsten Sledding

Torsten is really enjoying the snow this winter! He has had a blast sledding–Mendenhall Lake has some great terminal moraines which pile up the snow..

Torsten Cross Country Skiing

Torsten loves going to cross country ski on Mendenhall Lake. On Saturday (when Matt was exploring the terminus of Mendenhall), Carrie and Torsten met up with Brian and Cathy on the Mendenhall Campground trails. Torsten is getting to be a good skier. He loves using his ski poles, and we don’t know where he got his good technique!

Eaglecrest Fun

Torsten is getting (too?) comfortable on his downhill skis. Weekend before last, we all went up to Eaglecrest, and met Nathan, Amanda, and Adam for some skiing fun. We recorded a movie–Matt definitely doesn’t have a future as a ski videographer…

Matt’s been talking up the powder skiing, so last weekend Torsten went for his first big patch of powder off of the platter pull, and had his first major yard sale–he’s even proud of that!

Going into Mendenhall

Matt and Suka skied out on Mendenhall Lake to catch up with Chip McMillan and Eric Hackathorn (Rob’s next door neighbor, in town from Boulder to do a three day second life training at UAS!). We went on out to the terminus of Mendenhall and there was a nice big crevace opening up on the face. So we went back in–over 100 m in. I only had the iphone (and Carrie called when I was in the glacier!). I took a handful of iphone pictures, but hopefully I’ll get even better ones from Chip and Eric. Enjoy: