New Blog Software

Howdy blog fans! I was using iWeb for the web pages, including the built in blogs. I really liked the Mac-way except for the fact that I was tied to one single computer. I realize now that I could copy the Sites and the /Library/Applications/iWebSomethingerotherFolder around, but I didn’t, and that hard drive died. So I want something all out on a server somwhere else (at and if you tell ’em that sent you, I’ll get a little kick back from your web hosting escapades.) At any rate, we’re giving WordPress at dreamhost a shot (Tom and Laura at Spacenuts seem to like it). And now Carrie or Matt (or anyone else who asks) can add a blog entry. We’ll see how this adventure goes. And we’ll probably keep using iWeb for the main web stuff, but WordPress for the blog. If you want to find the old blog archives for pre July stuff, it is still around.

Carrie and Torsten visit Houston

Nana and TorstenTortsen and Carrie had a great visit to Houston.  (Matt was in North Carolina at the North American Symposium on Bat Research–an excellent conference, but Matt missed out seeing the family!)  Torsten loved visiting with grandparents despite the vicious mosquitos.  Catching up with former Juneau-ites Carrie, Adam, and Megan was a great part of the visit as well.  Check out the whole slideshow.

Juneau in the Fall

We did manage to spend time in Juneau. It was a very rainy fall (we hit 60” of rain for the year by Oct 1). Lots of playing inside as well as keeping busy with work, teaching, tile painting, Torsten thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the accordion at a Sons of Norway gathering.

We’ve got a few photos from walking out to the Glacier, walking around the neighborhood, and dancing to the accordion at the Sons of Norway at the Fall 2006 slide show.

Tracy Arm Tour

Torsten and Carrie went on down to Tracy Arm with Rob, Erica, Sammy, and Izzy. Whales are big, ice is cold, glaciers are cool (especially calving sea water glaciers). Matt was doing his civic duty (jury duty). Check out the photo highlights.

Glacier Bay Flightseeing

Dave, Carrie, Torsten, and Matt went for a flight seeing trip to check out Glacier Bay National Park.  As usual, Dave’s excellent piloting was a great way to see Southeast Alaska from above.  The park overflight was amazing–to see Muir Glacier, both arms of the Park, and the icefields and mountains leading up to Mt. Fairweather.  Check out the photo highlights–or if you really want to see all the photos, they are available as well.

Dave on the 4th

Dave, Abbey, Matt, Carrie, and Torsten all met up for the Juneau 4th Parade. After the great parade we went up and walked the dogs on Perseverance Trail. What great times!

(The old blog entry has more photos.)

Dave & Matt’s Excellent Adventure

Dave Smith flew his Beechcraft Baron twin engine plane from Los Alamos to Aspen, CO and picked up Matt.  We then flew to Juneau (with stops in Boise, Hoquiam, and Ketchikan).  Flying by a smoking Mt. St. Helen’s was one highlight.  The whole flight was great, but the best part was flying the US/Canadian border over the icefield as we went from Ketchikan to Juneau.  Check out some of the highlight photos.