“Camping” Adventure

Matt wasn’t around for this adventure, but based on reading the police reports and interviews with the unindicted minors present at the scene, this is his understanding of what took place on that fateful night of March 28.  A camping trip was in the air, so Carrie, Kristen, Chip and Misty took the unindicted minors (Ava, Willa, Adellie, and Torsten) to the *closed* camping grounds at Mendenhall Lake.  After battling with the tent setup, getting a fire started, and the all important marshmellow roasting underway, the forest service/homeland security strike force showed up to enforce the closed nature of the campground.  These “innocent” parents were obviously a threat to the homeland and abusing federal services so must be promptly (and rudely) escorted off of the federal resource.  It was apparent that the “unindicted minors” were acting out natural hazards (pretending to be “Krakatoa” for example) and so were part of the threat, due to their young age it was most likely that they were strongly influenced by the “responsible” adults.  At one point, one of the adults approached the enforcing officer with hands raised (luckily–otherwise force may have been necessary).

OK, I can’t keep it up…  But apparently after the kids roasted marshmellow, the “man” showed up and kicked everyone out.  The retreat back to the “compound” for ice cream was accomplished with no injuries.

One important part of the evening for Torsten was that he got a spark on his fleece which burned a hole.  I (Matt) have a fleece with a hole burned in it from a campfire, so Torsten was extremely excited to have a fleece like Dad’s (and was in fact, for Torsten, the saving grace of the evening).  What an adventure…

I give up officer!  I'm unarmed!

All the pictures are in the gallery, of course.

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