Washington DC, pt 3

On the last day in the DC area, Grams, Gramps, Uncle Ben, and Aunt Gretchen all came to visit.  Thanks to the Nickles for being such kind hosts and letting all the Heavner’s in the door!! 🙂

We all  had a great breakfast/brunch and then went to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Smithsonian Museum at the Dulles airport–it is the “overflow” hangar for all the awesome stuff that won’t fit at Air & Space on the mall.  They had lots of cool stuff–an SR-71 and the Shuttle Enterprise are the two big highlights, but we loved all the stuff–the Enola Gay, an SA-2, a Mars Rover display, and lots of neat amazing planes–including a Cessna that T loved getting in and seeing the various flaps respond to the wheel and pedals!

We got one photo of the whole gang:

Here’s a collection of photos:

 SR-71 with Shuttle in Background Mars Rover flying the Cesna

And there are more at the gallery, of course!

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