Torsten’s big Saturday

Torsten’s first day “riding a two-wheeler”! Matt and Torsten practiced in the garage (Matt practiced the unicycle, Torsten the bicycle, no training wheels). Torsten got it in about 5 minutes (with all the practice on the push bike a Jodie’s–thanks!!). Then we rode for about 45 minutes, and went to Douglas for the first Tee-Ball (or T-Ball) practice with Coach Mike (who seems great with the kids!!). We got there 30 minutes early, so Torsten biked all around some more. Then after Tee-ball we went and ate some Terriyaki and then biked over to the Juneau Artists Gallery. We called Carrie to come out and see us approach, and Torsten got his wish of completely suprising her with his bike riding skills! Then Matt and Torsten went down to the cruise ship docks (no cruise ships for 4 more days) and rode the bike for another 30 minutes or so..

From Torsten's Big Day

You can check out the short photo gallery from today..

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