Earth says: “Wake up!” (Rockin’ your world)

Matt was just about to head out, when the house started rockin’. Then it kept rockin’. Then Matt saw the lights moving and checked–yep, trees outside are moving. Then Matt wondered about going to wake Carrie and Torsten–no need, they just woke up. Then the cabinets and wood TV/computer hutch started creaking. Hmm.

Good morning from Earth, remember me down here? A magnitude 5.7 earthquake up about 120 miles NW of Juneau (almost 60 miles west of Skagway) at about 9.0 miles deep at 6:49 was all the alarm clock some of us needed. Exciting way to start the day, and hopefully no one up there is hurt. I’m curious to know how many avalanches it triggered..

Hope you all have a rockin’ day.

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