Skiing Weekend

We celebrated MLK weekend with a fun ski trip to the Enchanted Circle. Saturday morning we drove to Angel Fire to meet Tess, Max, Milo, and Grif. We got a few photos, but the highlight was Aven doing two (short!) runs down the hill (Matt was holding her up, but at the end of the first run, she gave the sign language for “more”). We spent the night in Red River and then went to Enchanted Forest. Carrie gave some quick lessons to Max and then we had fun and did a little training for the Mt. Taylor Quad. Aven really took to the skis on day two at Enchanted Forest — she was fighting to go it alone without any help!

Here’s Aven and Torsten, ready to go:

Aven took a nice nap in the polk sled while giving Matt some extra training. Torsten definitely has the cross country style down!

Here’s Max leading the way, Matt with Aven, and Torsten, while Carrie snaps the photo as we take off on the trails:

Torsten then helpfully aided Matt in his training efforts:

We got one good happy family skiing photo:

We all enjoyed hanging out at the “lodge” at Enchanted Forest

and Aven found the perfect comfy chair:

Matt (and Aven) execute the black diamond descent with grace:

From 2011 MLK Weekend

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