Last Kindermusick of Spring 2007

Torsten and Matt generally went to Kindermusick on Wed evenings the Fall and Spring 2007.  Torsten sometimes didn’t want to leave mom behind, but he generally had a blast with Miss Bernie and music.  Carrie took Torsten to the last class of the spring (Matt was in Fairbanks), and she remembered to take the camera.  If you want, check the whole gallery.  Carter and Torsten knew that stripes were in, I guess.  I’ll add the movies soon!


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  1. All the kids were in a great mood and were all really participating! They were all so cute. I brought the camera bc Mom keeps asking for more video’s of Torsten and I’m glad I did. Ilia was really chatty with Bernie and had a good time dancing with Torsten. Molly and Ruchie were both being so cute. And Carter was having fun making music and listening to Bernie. I just hope the camera didn’t distract the kids too much. I got some videos for you Mom!

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