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Matt here.  I broke the photo gallery.  I did an upgrade to version 2.2.something, so that I could add videos directly to the gallery, now it doesn’t work.  I hope to get it fixed tonight!  I’ve also heard from a few people that I should fix comments–I was getting approximately 10 “Spam” comments per day and got sick of it, so I added the “spam filter” (do an easy math problem) and that wasn’t quite working right.  So I’ll put getting comments working correctly up on the list of things to do.  While I’m hacking away on these things, I’ll let you enjoy at least one new picture of the family.. We went up the tram with Chip, Missy, and Adelie last Sat–lots of snow still up there!  Hopefully the gallery will be fixed and more pictures will follow!

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  1. Testing reactiving comments, by leaving a comment. The whole problem with the gallery was that I blew away the .htaccess file which rewrote the urls so the whole things worked. I did this because I found something about fixing the 1001 errors that iphoto2gallery was getting–it said add some lines to .htaccess. I swear I checked to see if there already was a .htaccess, but I guess I didn’t.

    Anyway, will comments work as well? If not, I vaguely remember changing the wordpress code somwhere–I think in was in the themes/comments.php, so maybe next I’ll just try a new theme?

  2. OK, I think comments are working again. If you register, then the comment will just go up. Otherwise, it is emailed to me and I have to approve it. I have turned on many spam-fighting features. We’ll see how it goes.

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