Team Green Chile training ride

Team Green Chile (Max & I) decided maybe it was a good idea to do a little training. I pushed for some snow riding through the canyon — we found conditions worse/better than I guessed. Very challenging, and good training. It was great to finally get out for a bike ride together!!

(Fluorescent yellow so the mountain lions can see us and not run us over when they ran past…)

The trail had been driven by one car, and was very dry powder — mid-wheel deep. It was very challenging riding (walking/pushing), but good training.

Here’s Max coming off the last of the snow — very mixed emotions when we hit the dirt. And it was a beautiful sunrise lighting up the canyons walls!

Max introduced me to some very interesting biking technique (ok, I’ve actually spent quite a good bit of time riding this way through deep, challenging, narrow tracks in snow)..

Here’s the map of our route:

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