Heading to the Grand Canyon

With great help from Mary Greene and Nana, we all went out to the Grand Canyon for Spring Break and Torsten’s eighth Birthday. It was a fantastic adventure together. First we went to Albuquerque to pick up Nana at the airport — it is always great to see her:

Mary was our fantastic geologist-on-call. She had the geologic time scale taped to the dashboard and brought several custom-made poster-size geological maps!

The scenery of the drive west along I-40 across New Mexico and Utah was enjoyable and quite iconic.

Torsten and Mary were busy making sure that the hotel we stayed at along the way was sufficiently secure:

We stopped along the drive to keep from going totally kid/road crazy. We enjoyed the Petrified Forest:

We also stopped by Meteor Crater, which has a fantastic visitor center (but a little pricey) and is quite the experience.

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