Heavner roots in Iceland??

After we landed in Keflavik (near Reykjavik), our first stop was at Hafnir.

The sign struck my fancy:

But upon returning, I became even more curious. There are some ruins of a settlement at Hafnir that date to between 770 and 880 – the earliest indication of settlers in Iceland. See the 2011 article at the Iceland Review.

Hafnir was also quite close to the bridge over the North American and European continents, so we enjoyed exploring that geological rift. A tiny bit more info is at this page.

Uncle Ron – have you run into any Hafnir’s in the family ancestry??

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  1. I understand there is a book out on our family heritage…. if so, how and where do I obtain a copy? Our son did a DNA search when his wife found out she was pregnant. They wanted to check out blood heritage, and he said we had Scandinavian in our history.

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