Grams and Gramps visit

In mid-March (yep, catching up on blogging!), Grams and Gramps came for a visit–they got some great sunny weather on Saturday and we all went out to Eagle Beach. Here’s a great photo of them out on Eagle Beach:



Dad helped out with a few house projects (great in-cabinet trash can in the kitchen and help with the bedroom carpet tear-out and laminate floor installation and wall painting–thanks!)

Matt and Carrie got to go out on a date–woohoo! (movie: Vantage Point–pretty much non-stop action with an interesting take on the narrative)

Grams and Gramps both got some good play in with Torsten–if the blurry pictures don’t show the action well enough, we’ve got a movie as well:



And of course, you can check out the whole gallery of photos.

Did the grandparents do a good job of spoiling Torsten?


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