Gone, Forgotten, Privacy?

We’ve really fallen into facebook. Even the t-h photo gallery is getting dusty. I’d like to control our family story and memories — I’m going to try and review both this, and the “rsblog.” I still struggle to find the balance, but I think having a “family blog” with photos (target audience: family) and a “geek blog” (target audience: geeks who run into the same challenges and are googling for solutions). I’m gonna dust ’em both off (having lots of geek fun, as Torsten begins to get into it, so then where does that stuff go? both blogs?) Maybe I need to master blog tags? Hmm.

Torsten’s got the Flat Tire Blues

Nope, no bike problem.. It is the fall 2012 piano recital where T is playing the Flat Tire Blues. Enjoy:

Aven’s First Turns!

Aven had some great help from Torsten on the slopes! What a great big brother on the hill!

We went to Sipapu for opening day with Gramps — what great fun! It was nice to have the extra adult support, and a fun beautiful, fresh air, outdoor NM snow day (it was almost 50F and the only reason we could ski was because Sipapu worked so hard making snow for the past few weeks. Anyway, here’s the gang:

We got some footage of one of Aven’s runs — enjoy!

Book Review: Eat & Run

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon GreatnessEat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An inspiring and compelling personal story with great running adventures and some delicious recipes. I loved reading it and recommend it highly if you like running and eating (hard to go wrong).

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Fantastic Weekend, Happy Birthday Carrie

We had a fantastic weekend! It started with no work for Matt on Friday (always a good start) so a nice celebration of Carrie’s birthday with lunch at the Cowgirl, a wander through the Georgia O’Keefe museum, and a babysitter and movie for Matt & Carrie (Moonlight Kingdom, we loved it!). On Saturday it was the Los Alamos rodeo — between the parade and the fun downtown, we didn’t even make it to the animal part of the rodeo!! And we capped it off with climbing with friends in the Jemez on Sunday. Yeah!

The intrepid gang explores the mighty Ashley Pond:

The bouncy water-slide was perfect for the hot day:

Matt sat on the platform while Torsten hit the target to put dad in the dunk tank (again, the water felt so good on the hot day!) — no pictures, sorry..

On the way to the craft market, we wandered by — tie dye, flowers, Oppenheimer, and Groves..

Jemez Climbing

It was a fantastic weekend all around — but we capped it off with a great Sunday of climbing at the East Fork in the Jemez. Here’s several photos to enjoy and remember:

HAARP Technology

We stopped by HAARP to check out the latest technology.

We were amazed with what we found:

And they are definitely leading the free world in big tire production:

Nice big engines:

Ok, actually we just drove by HAARP to get to Emma’s one year old birthday at Mukluk Land in Tok. Mukluk land is awesome and has an amazing collection of good old stuff. But feeding the HAARP conspiracy is so much more fun! 🙂

More photos at the gallery.

Cornell Graduation

We went up to Ithaca (finally!) to see Ben and Gretchen graduate and celebrate the achievement with them. It was a great family visit, for sure.

In addition to celebrating, we had some good family visiting time, and just a little bit of time to explore the Ithaca area.

There are more photos in our gallery.