More from Santa

After Torsten expressed his desire for a bow and arrow from Santa (see last blog entry), he came home and Carrie clued him in on the “Santa keeps track of good/bad” thing.  Torsten considered briefly, and then decided that, well, coal would be ok, because he would like to add some coal to his rock collection.

Little kids rock!

Here are two photos showing Torsten’s enjoyment of the Christmas tree we have up at home..

A Week in Portland

We had a great week in Portland.

Matt had two conferences (Sun-Tues Nat’l Science Foundation Regional Workshop and Fri-Sat Northwest Glaciology–but the nice Wed/Thur gap!) and Carrie and Torsten went along for fun. Grams met us there on Tuesday night and Gramps came in Thursday night. So we had a great catchup and visit with them!

We also got to catch up with two Juneau families who escaped the rain. Mira and the Kron family took us to the zoo (for the elephant pumpkin smash!!)

And Aubrey brought his mom Di to meet us at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (a huge hit!). (Mike Hekkers was also at Northwest Glaciology, so he and Matt got to catch up, but no photos..)

Everyone was so busy exploring the Polar exhibit, the water exhibit, and the Antarctica IMAX that we didn’t get a picture of everyone! Here are two more of our favorite photos from the trip:

Check out the whole gallery.

Nemo and Bob The Builder/Cowboy

Adelie came to visit our new place–she brought Missy, Chip, Blokus, and some great clothes.  She and Torsten had a blast playing while we all enjoyed Blokus.  Bob is nice and safe with the reflective vest!

Nemo and Bob  Bob and Nemo

Yep, we’re catching up on a little blogging, we hope!

First day of school for Torsten

Torsten went to his first day of preschool at the Auke Bay Co-op.  Since it was his first day, mom and dad were there and mom stayed the whole time.  He was with a bunch of kids who were there for their second year, and knew the routine, so he had some catching up to do.  He definitely enjoyed the shaving cream art projects!

 He’s learning group dynamics and enjoyed hanging out with all the kids, we think.

Of course, we’ve got the preschool first day gallery.

Glacier Hiking

We went for a hike out at Mendenhall Glacier over the weekend.  Torsten is a true Juneau kid:  The sun poked out for a very nice Sunday, and Torsten thought it was waaay too bright.  He refused to turn around for a picture, and said “Why don’t you take one of me walking away?”

Torsten walkin'

Then finally he would turn around but not look up:

Too bright! What is that big light in the sky!?!

Finally, I got him standing in my shadow and he gave a quick glance.

Torsten at the Glacier Visitor's Center

Look in that first picture–there are shadows!  The sun really did come out! 🙂

Ginger Bread House Building

The UAS Alumni and Friends organized a gingerbread house building. I think it was co-sponsored by the dentists of Juneau. Hard to say if Torsten or Carrie had more fun–Torsten definitely ate more candy, and Carrie really got into the artistic decorating! We all had a blast, and enjoyed decorating (and later chasing sugar amped-up kids!) with Jill and family, Myra, Sophia, and John.
Check out all the photos from the ginger bread house fun!

Christmas Decorating Excitement

While Carrie was busy at Fall Market, Torsten helped Matt pick out the perfect Christmas tree so that Tyler and Valli (our house sitters next week) could enjoy the holiday spirit. Deocrating it, putting up lights, everything is just so exciting!

Carrie and Torsten decorating the Christmas Tree, 2006

Torsten decorating the Christmas tree, 2006

Juneau in the Fall

We did manage to spend time in Juneau. It was a very rainy fall (we hit 60” of rain for the year by Oct 1). Lots of playing inside as well as keeping busy with work, teaching, tile painting, Torsten thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the accordion at a Sons of Norway gathering.

We’ve got a few photos from walking out to the Glacier, walking around the neighborhood, and dancing to the accordion at the Sons of Norway at the Fall 2006 slide show.