Go home Wolfie! Good Wolf.

Torsten, Carrie, Matt, Suka, and Kita went for a ski on Mendenhall Lake. We got there and the Mendenhall wolf (Romeo, people have named him) was there, looking for some dog playmates. It was a bit strange and also a neat experience. Suka was ready to play chase, but Romeo was a bit big and heavy to want to do so much sprinting. Here the wolf is checking out Torsten and photographer:

Torsten and Mendenhall Wolf

We watched the wolf for a while, then Carrie went off for a ski while Torsten and Matt skied then walked around in the snow. The wolf followed Carrie (and the dogs) very closely (wanting to play!). While watching, Matt wondered what he might say to the wolf in that situation “Go home wolf!” doesn’t quite seem right when the wolf is home. Carrie said the wolf was a little too close, so she came back. Here’s the wolf and Kita “shadowing” each other.

Kita and Mendenhall wolf

Here’s Carrie skiing off towards the glacier. Kita is near her, and the wolf is over to the right.

Carrie skiing wolf

Check out the whole photo gallery of the afternoon.

This is the same wolf who came to visit us at the John Muir cabin back in 2004 when Torsten was only 5-6 weeks old. (No photos of the wolf, but the gallery of the John Muir trip (Torsten’s first camping trip) is fun to look at. It is hard to believe Torsten was ever that small!)

Lovin’ (Shovelin’) the Snow

Torsten’s latest way of being a great help around the house is helping dad shovel the snow in the driveway and on the porch. He’s already graduated up from the avalanche shovel.

shovelin' snow with Torsten

Juneau BBQ

Torsten gives dad a hand with grilling up dinner. We’ve been lucky with all the snow this year and are sure enjoying it!

BBQ Juneau style

Earth says: “Wake up!” (Rockin’ your world)

Matt was just about to head out, when the house started rockin’. Then it kept rockin’. Then Matt saw the lights moving and checked–yep, trees outside are moving. Then Matt wondered about going to wake Carrie and Torsten–no need, they just woke up. Then the cabinets and wood TV/computer hutch started creaking. Hmm.

Good morning from Earth, remember me down here? A magnitude 5.7 earthquake up about 120 miles NW of Juneau (almost 60 miles west of Skagway) at about 9.0 miles deep at 6:49 was all the alarm clock some of us needed. Exciting way to start the day, and hopefully no one up there is hurt. I’m curious to know how many avalanches it triggered..

Hope you all have a rockin’ day.

Onward to the past!

I just got this email from NASA News:

NASA Science News for January 8, 2007It’s official: the Moon is on the metric system. NASA is returning to the Moon, and the agency has decided to use metric units for all future lunar operations.



We’re so cutting edge! It is 2007, and we’re getting ready for.. 1969We’re going to the moon! (Apollo 11, July 20, 1969)

We’re using the metric system! (Australia converted to metric in 1969).

Guess what, I just discovered this great cutting edge new band. Called the Grateful Dead! They are hot!

What other parallels might we find–let’s see: In 1969 a country called Vietnam was using the metric system. In 2007 this other country called Iraq is using the metric system. Boy, a lot of countries use the metric system. I’m just sayin’.

I’m excited we’re going to the moon, I’d sign up to go. I’d be psyched to check out Jack Schmidt’s ski reports and I’d love to try out some biking. I love the metric system. I love the Dead. (I’ve been listening to 5/8/77 on the ipod, Torsten loves drummin’ along with the Hamza El-Din opening of the 9/15/1978 Gizah Sound and Light Theater show (at the Pyramids in Egypt), and after finishing Phil’s “Searching for the Sound” auto-biography, I’ve been going back to a lot of early shows. From 1969. I’m cutting edge here, I tell ya!)I’m just thinking, ‘cmon NASA, fund sensor networks or something. Oh, OK, I’ll get back to work. Sorry.

Glacier Hiking

We went for a hike out at Mendenhall Glacier over the weekend.  Torsten is a true Juneau kid:  The sun poked out for a very nice Sunday, and Torsten thought it was waaay too bright.  He refused to turn around for a picture, and said “Why don’t you take one of me walking away?”

Torsten walkin'

Then finally he would turn around but not look up:

Too bright! What is that big light in the sky!?!

Finally, I got him standing in my shadow and he gave a quick glance.

Torsten at the Glacier Visitor's Center

Look in that first picture–there are shadows!  The sun really did come out! 🙂