You mean the proposal in the sink?

Another classic from Torsten.  I helped Beth with the REU renewal proposal, and now I’m deep (or trying to get deep) into the SEAMONSTER renewal proposal.  After that the magnetometer proposal…  So I’m always working on the proposal.  This afternoon, Torsten stumped us for a few minutes by saying “Are you working on the proposal in the sink?”  Finally we realized he was talking about the (garbage) disposal in the sink–good connection!

Auke Bay Coop NOAA Visit

Carrie got to play host as the Auke Bay Coop gang went to NOAA Lena Point for their Sea Week Experience. Touch tanks rule!  Here are a few picture of Torsten during the visit:

Torsten loved having his checklist of critters to find!


As always, more photos in the gallery.

Auke Bay Coop Intertidal Walk

Hop in the way-back/catch-up machine for a trip to May 7, 2008.  Matt got to go along on the Auke Bay Coop Field Trip to the Intertidal area of Auke Rec.  It was great fun as the kids explored under rocks, found fish, eels, crabs, and even a small octopus!


More photos in the gallery.

more July 4

It is catch up time (Matt had his “number 14” tooth pulled (a big one!)), so he’s in recovery–it is a good time to catch up on blogging!)..  Here are some more July 4 Juneau parade highlights.  The gang (except for Jaye–these are her pictures, but it does have Carrie!)

 Torsten’s favorite moment of the parade (and this guy drove a good long way)

 The miners were out in force (campaigning against ballot proposition 4 on the Aug 26 election), but they brought lots of big cool trucks:


 This was probably the funniest float, although there were several good ones:

 There was a great turnout for the annual Peace Crane march by the Veteran’s For Peace:


April Showers?

This is a catchup of the blog of a fun day way back in April (the 17th).  We woke to a major snow storm.  The rate of accumulation was about 8 inches per hour for 2 hours at our house.  Incredible!  We got good family photos of everyone, including the dogs–the fact that the dogs are accumulating snow indicates just how fast and heavy the snow was.


Juneau Community Garden Plot

Carrie has worked away on the community garden plot we are sharing with Chip, Missy, and Adelie this summer.  (In this rainiest of rainy summers–at least it seems like it.  It was the second rainiest July on record, in future-hind-sight).  Chip and Matt have had better luck on the Second Life Garden, but did put in some time shoveling the dirt around early in the summer.  Torsten and Adelie are great at the garden-here’s a photo of Carrie and Torsten working away..


July 4, 2008

Nana and Grandpa Bob came for a visit to Juneau.  Peter and Sara were also here for a visit (but Peter had already left for work by the 4th..)  Jono was here as well!  It was a great visit with all of them, and the Juneau 4th was a highlight.  We went for the July 3rd fireworks downtown.

The July 4th parade was fantastic as well!  Here are a few photo highlights (with, as always, more at the gallery).


Carrie obviously had the camera–we’ll get some pictures of here in the next few blog posts!

Washington DC, pt 3

On the last day in the DC area, Grams, Gramps, Uncle Ben, and Aunt Gretchen all came to visit.  Thanks to the Nickles for being such kind hosts and letting all the Heavner’s in the door!! 🙂

We all  had a great breakfast/brunch and then went to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Smithsonian Museum at the Dulles airport–it is the “overflow” hangar for all the awesome stuff that won’t fit at Air & Space on the mall.  They had lots of cool stuff–an SR-71 and the Shuttle Enterprise are the two big highlights, but we loved all the stuff–the Enola Gay, an SA-2, a Mars Rover display, and lots of neat amazing planes–including a Cessna that T loved getting in and seeing the various flaps respond to the wheel and pedals!

We got one photo of the whole gang:

Here’s a collection of photos:

 SR-71 with Shuttle in Background Mars Rover flying the Cesna

And there are more at the gallery, of course!

Washington DC, pt 2

After Matt’s conference, he met Laura, Carrie, and the kids down at the National Mall.  We all went to the outdoor sculpture gallery:

 Then into the National History Museum where Uncle Ron was able to meet us during the lunch break, and wandering around checking out the dinosaurs and elephants quickly!  Better to get a short visit than not at all!!


 More images at the gallery!

Washington DC, pt 1

Matt went to Washington DC in June to present the latest SEAMONSTER work at the NASA Earth Science Technology Conference.  Carrie and Torsten went along and got to spend some great time with Laura, Philip, and the cousins (Sophia, Clara, Ethan, and William).  It was a blast!  Here’s a few pictures of the gang:



Hot days meant lots of playing with hoses in the yard, and good cousin hanging out time..  We’ve got more pictures up at the gallery.