Review: How the Hippies Saved Physics

How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum RevivalHow the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival by David Kaiser
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A very enjoyable listen (I did the audiobook). I’ve read several books along these lines — a “history of physics” which is very people driven. This isn’t bad, and this book freely admits to being focused primarily around a group of people (those in the fundamental fysiks group). I very much enjoyed this book, and finding out much more details of the history — a bit of how the hippies got me into physics! I remember reading the Dancing Wu-Li Masters both in High School and again in undergrad, and seeing (lots!) of Sarfatti on sci.physics, and many more of the tidbits as I got into physics. I even used Dr. Quantum youtubes in teaching my physics classes.

The book makes a compelling case about the interesting role that this group of non-traditional physicists “kept hope alive” and finishes with a compelling question: Why has the fundamental fysics groups been written out of physics history?

One complaint (just audiobook) — I’ve never considered the arXiv to be pronounced “R-Ziv”.

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Sandia Peak, June

When we find ourselves in Albuquerque on a hot summer day, with a few hours, we love to go up the tram to Sandia Peak. It is ~20 degrees (F) cooler, great hiking, and sometimes we run into friends and neighbors up there! I think from the bottom to the top of the tram we pass through four different biomes.

Aven was checking out those biomes:

It is a great hike through fields and in shady woods:

And there are spectacular views (despite a bit of smoke from all the fires during this trip…)

More hiking and scenery pictures are yours for the viewing at the whole gallery .