Skiing, Sleding, and relaxing–Xmas 2008

We are having a great relaxing time, hanging with Nana and Grandpa Bob. Going up to Eaglecrest, out to Mendenhall Glacier, etc.. More details to come… (And first test linking to Carrie “Ms Facebook” galleries.)

Skiing at Eaglecrest! Torsten is REALLY into it this year. The challenge is to get him to slow down!
Skiing at Eaglecrest! Torsten is REALLY into it this year. The challenge is to get him to slow down!

Have a fun (and healthy!) AGU

AGU time.  Busy and fun with another 15,999 geophyscists in San Francisco.  It is a great science-fest (new results from the messenger flyby of Mercury! more lightning! great glaciers and ice sheets! volcanos, earthquakes, space physics, plasma, climate change, seismology.  it just doesn’t stop!).  Live webcasts!  And great catching up with friends!  And some politicking.  And some good food and drinks!  And—a challenge.  Keep it healthy.  Rob and Matt are trying to run the AGU marathon.  This is to run 26.1 miles spread out over the week.  If we get desperate on Friday, we can estimate the mileage of walking back and forth between the Triton Hotel and the moscone center, but hopefully it won’t come to that.  Keep track with us in the comments to this blog entry.

Matt put in 6.1 miles Sunday around noon on the Triton treadmill (drizzly rain outside, feeling wussy…)

Santa Swarm San Fran

The geophysicists must have been good this year–Santa(s) are here to greet us!  I finished up a grading and took a walk around Chinatown.  There were about 3000 folks in Santa get ups (according to one reputable Santa).  Just walking around.  There were elves (with “agent” tags, and “ear bud/coil” like the agents from the matrix) helping santas only cross streets when it was a walk sign, etc.  There was even one very convincing Jesus walking (with serious elve guards–no pictures, no touching..).  It was awesome!


1) out of control santas! A bunch were walking around w/ joints, many had brown bags they were drinking out of, I saw lots with pints of brandy

I think one just took a leak in the street bush in front of the triton!

They are having a blast.  The elves are hilarious.  Jesus was awesome. They are ignoring traffic.  A few have picket signs but the are just pictures of santa.  It is awesome-lots of city people having fun.

Sorry, no pics of Santa taking a leak.

2) it gets better and better.  A female santa just walked by the Triton–she flashed everyone in the Triton lobby (sorry, no pics of that either).

She had a “bra” that had bells stitched in and totally covering the bra.  She jumped up and down, making the bells ring.

All The santa’s seem to love the Triton fountain out front.