Torsten to New York

It was an epic road trip to help Torsten move to New York City (Manhattan, specifically Washington Heights). We all helped Torsten prepare and pack. We took the seats out of the Pilot and packed it full. There was a tiny bit of space on top for my bike, no way we could fit anything or anyone else, so Carrie and Aven couldn’t join in on this epic road trip.

Day 1 and we made it to Lubbock, a nice easy 6 hour drive. Nice weather, good driving, and good chatting – off to a good start and we got to stay with Grams!

We drove, stopped for tacos, Thai food, burgers, a few other meals, gas, and … that was about it! We had several ideas of interesting stops, but Torsten was ready to get to NYC. I wanted to take a break in St. Louis to go up the Arch, but the fog didn’t cooperate:

We spent the nights in Lubbock, Joplin MO, Greenfield IN, and Bethlehem PA. We did do a slight detour and stopped at the Flight 93 memorial near Somerset PA (really good stop). Our drive looked something like this:

And really the only pictures I got were when we filled up the gas tank:

We did get a picture at each state border to text to Carrie to keep her up to date. But we made it to New York City and found Alexander and Torsten’s new home!

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