New swingset!

The swingset is up and a big hit!  This was cobbled together from all over–Christmas gifts from Grams (thanks!), piles of dirt from dumptrucks (two loads!) lots of leveling by Uncle Peter (thanks!), a juneauparents (or freecycle?) swingset from Douglas and help transporting it (thanks Sara and Peter!).  Paint by Carrie, Matt, and Peter.  Fun provided by Torsten.

Two friends from the neighborhood are enjoying the swingset–woohoo!

Biking to Herbert Glacier

We all went biking out Herbert Glacier Trail with Jaye, Sara, Carrie, Torsten, and Matt.  Torsten really loved his trail-a-bike and enjoyed the rolling hills on the trail.  Suka and Data had a fun running along (to Torsten’s enjoyment) and Torsten treated us to a great song for a good portion of the ride back.



 Matt was pedaling to keep up with Torsten’s speed, and taking blind photos over his back..

Last Day of School

Torsten had a great year at Auke Bay Co-op–a really wonderful environment!  On the last day of school, there was a bicycle parade of all the kids:

Thanks to Miss Ann and Miss Jeri (the great teachers!) and all the parents who pitched into the co-op!

Dad and Torsten Day

This summer, Torsten and Dad hang out on Wednesdays.  Although we’ve got a pile of blog entries to add, this one is “one for the memory.”  Torsten woke up early (5:40 am! he’s slowly re-adjusting from East Coast time).  Matt got up, had some breakfast with Torsten, played cowboys with the lasso, etc.  After Carrie got of the shower, Torsten said “I thought today was Dad and Torsten day–what are you doing here?”  We have big plans for the day, and we’re excited that Nana and Grandpa Bob get in today for their visit!