Hawaii Beach Time!

Matt and Carrie are attending and presenting the bioacoustic work at the Acoustic Society of America. Alan Hall (a 2006 UAS REU student) will be joining us for the presentation. Torsten came along as chaperon, and we are all getting as much beach time as possible!

Torsten and Carrie on the Hawaiian Beach

Torsten and Matt

Torsten swimming in Hawaiin ocean!

Christmas Decorating Excitement

While Carrie was busy at Fall Market, Torsten helped Matt pick out the perfect Christmas tree so that Tyler and Valli (our house sitters next week) could enjoy the holiday spirit. Deocrating it, putting up lights, everything is just so exciting!

Carrie and Torsten decorating the Christmas Tree, 2006

Torsten decorating the Christmas tree, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving is a serious tradition at the Talus-Heavner household. It is a time for friends to gather together either physically or in kindred spirit, celebrate life, eat good food, and reflect on the life we enjoy together. And then we get three days to recover! And it is Carrie and Matt’s anniversary (number seven in 2006). Wahoo! And if you have participated in the feast in person, you know about the weigh-in/weigh-out tradition. Our winner this year went out with a net weight gain of eight pounds. In Juneau, Carrie sells artwork at the Fall Market, and Torsten and Matt enjoy a weekend of hanging out (getting Christmas decorations ready).

We’ve got a slide show of the feast and the weekend available.

Good biking in Juneau

After lots of good snow, we’re enjoying clear cool weather. It is perfect biking. Matt ventured out across Auke Lake from campus at lunch today.

Talus Tiles 2006

Carrie has been working away to get her tiles (and prints and cards) ready for Fall Market in Juneau. You can see some of her tiles at the 2006 Talus Tiles page (this web page is password protected, so email carrie@talus-and-heavner.com for the password.)

Talus Tiles 2006 Logo

New Blog Software

Howdy blog fans! I was using iWeb for the talus-and-heavner.com web pages, including the built in blogs. I really liked the Mac-way except for the fact that I was tied to one single computer. I realize now that I could copy the Sites and the /Library/Applications/iWebSomethingerotherFolder around, but I didn’t, and that hard drive died. So I want something all out on a server somwhere else (at http://dreamhost.com/ and if you tell ’em that matt@talus-and-heavner.com sent you, I’ll get a little kick back from your web hosting escapades.) At any rate, we’re giving WordPress at dreamhost a shot (Tom and Laura at Spacenuts seem to like it). And now Carrie or Matt (or anyone else who asks) can add a blog entry. We’ll see how this adventure goes. And we’ll probably keep using iWeb for the main web stuff, but WordPress for the blog. If you want to find the old blog archives for pre July stuff, it is still around.